What We Did This Week to Celebrate Catherine’s Birthday… and More!

What We Did This Week to Celebrate Catherine’s Birthday… and More! May 2, 2015


This week has been pretty incredible. It started with Catherine and I jumping on a plane to Orlando so that we could help celebrate the grand opening of the Orlando Eye (a giant, 400 foot ferris wheel). During the grand opening celebration, we had the honor of presenting a young girl from Make a Wish a check for $30,000. Not only that, we spent Catherine’s birthday at Disney World. 

Catherine loves Disney Land but had never been to Disney World before so we spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday at the different Disney parks. We rode all the classic rides like Space Mountain and Splash Mountain but mainly spent our time stuffing our faces with delicious food. We both agreed that our favorite part of the Disney experience was walking around Epcot Wednesday night. For those of you who haven’t been to Epcot, each section of the park is made to look and feel like a different country. We walked through each country sampling the food and just enjoying the atmosphere. We ended our night by watching the fireworks show.

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