Butt-dial Saves Teen’s Life in Tennessee

Butt-dial Saves Teen’s Life in Tennessee August 22, 2015


Sam Ray just might owe his life to Siri and her strange ability to come when not called. 

Sam was home alone working on his truck when the jack broke that was holding it up. 5000 pounds of truck pinned him to the ground.

He thought his leg was broken. As he tried to move it, he heard Siri come to life on his iPhone, which he still had in his back pocket.

At first he was annoyed — “Why are you going off?” But then he realized Siri’s sudden appearance was actually a blessing. Instead, he told her to “Call 911.”

A few minutes later, he was on the line with a dispatcher. Even though she wasn’t sure he could hear her, help was on the way, and soon he was released from under the truck.

Sam had several broken ribs, a crushed kidney and burns. But he’s going to be alright.

The son of a Baptist pastor, Sam is headed off to college this month. He was already thinking about going into the ministry. After such a harrowing experience, he’s even more convinced that God has a plan for him, whether in ministry or elsewhere. He said, ” I have a great family and friends that are willing to pray and a God that will help me.”

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