Dear Hillary

Dear Hillary May 12, 2017


Dear Hillary,

You should sit down for this, there are some things that need to be said and you aren’t going to like it.

First, you should know that I voted for you in 2016. I did so without a sense of excitement. Truth be told, you would have been one of the last people for whom I’d have chosen to vote, were it not for the fact that you were running against the last person on my list.

It’s not that I didn’t think you were qualified. I heard people claim you were the most qualified person ever to run. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but your political experience, qualifications, and demeanor certainly more than satisfied the criteria. But you also carried too much baggage and too many unanswered questions from your past to make me comfortable with you as an obvious choice. Pardon my bluntness, Mrs. Clinton, but there is a taint of sliminess to you that I can’t ignore. I don’t trust you very much. I think there are millions who feel the same as me who voted for you, or didn’t vote at all. That’s the thing, there are so many people who voted for you while figuratively holding their noses in the process that it makes the mind reel to consider the level of outright hatred for you that exists in those who voted for your opponent.

I don’t think the Democrats ever took that fact seriously enough. I think that is why you lost in the Electoral College. The vast majority of people who live outside urban areas have a level of disdain for you that was apparently impossible for your party to gauge or believe.

I have recently had discussions with people I assumed were fairly level-headed Conservatives. They not only think you are crooked and shady, they actually believe you are a murderer. They truly believe you’ve had several people killed. There is no way to debate against people who are willing to believe that. They are so far gone from reasonable consideration of you that they might as well reside on Neptune.

That’s why I am writing to you.

It is time, Hillary, for you to step out of the public sphere. It’s for the good of everyone concerned. You need to go away. The Democratic Party needs to move on from you. They need to distance themselves from you and wash their hands of you. Thank you for your service, now go enjoy life in the private sector. Don’t bother weighing in on politics anymore because, whenever you do, at least half the nation feasts on you like scavengers and you set the Democratic agenda back further and further.

The Democrats had better be looking ahead to the midterm elections of 2018. They need to be doing so without any distractions from you. They should be working overtime, day and night, to nurture their candidate for president in 2020. They need to find the perfect candidate who can heal the divisions within the party and unite it with new life.

The next two national election cycles will provide great opportunities for the Democrats to take their platform in a new direction. If they succeed, their future will be bright. If they fail again, it could be curtains.

With all due respect, Hillary, get out of the way.

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