Mr. President, Please Knock it Off!

Mr. President, Please Knock it Off! January 3, 2018


He’s at it again…

President Trump already has a long track record of the most unpresidential public decorum in history. He takes to Twitter almost daily with his childish, passive-aggressive attacks on the media, celebrities he doesn’t like, even ordinary citizens who disagree with him. He makes it seem as if he’s the only president who has ever faced criticism when, in reality, he is just the only president who is so childish and immature that he has to lash out with personal attacks at every perceived slight. The fact that he does so with all the tact of a gorilla and with the vocabulary and grammar of a 6th grader only makes it worse. It’s a track record of truly awful behavior for any president–it’s unimaginable to me to picture Donald Trump’s quotes in future history books alongside those of other presidents.

All of that is bad enough, but it’s more embarrassing than anything else. The most troubling issue is his very public pissing match with one of the world’s most unstable and dangerous leaders, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

It seems like I just wrote about this and here we are again. Last night, President Trump tweeted the following…


When I first saw it, I thought it was someone’s sick idea of a joke or satire. Then I began to do the research to find out if it was a legitimate tweet. By now, it shouldn’t have come as a shock to learn that it was, indeed, a real tweet.

Say what you will about Trump’s policies. Defend, if you must, his mission to destroy the legacy of his predecessor, Barack Obama. He has made no secret of his zeal to und0 every Obama policy that he can. Go ahead and champion his tax program–if you are among the wealthiest of Americans, I can certainly see why it would appeal to you. Keep promoting the point that he is “still better than Hillary.” Shine your spotlight on the slogan Make America Great Again.

Knock yourself out.

But, for the love of God, can we please–please–all come together and agree that it is sheer stupidity to keep publicly poking and provoking Kim Jung-un? Please???

If you can defend tweets like the one above, I have no more patience for you. NONE!

Our immature leader thinks he’s being cute by publicly posturing with his childish trash talk–spouting off about how my nukes are bigger than your nukes. This is the leader of the free world saying these things! For the love of all that’s holy, who could defend that?!

Mr. President, when you flippantly flaunt your nuclear arsenal and poke fun at a madman with a scary history of wanting–needing–to prove his power to the world, you are risking my future–no, forget about my future, you’re risking my daughter’s future and the futures of your own children.

Are you so desperate for attention that you think picking a fight with the likes of Kim Jong-un is the best way to get it?

What madness is this?

I want to address Trump’s remaining support base. People, I get the impression that even most of you have grown tired of the president’s Twittering. Stand up and speak out. He thinks you love it. Apparently some of you still do. One of the most troubling aspects of Trump’s tweet last night is that it got so many likes. He will see those likes and take it as a mandate that people want him to continue with it. He doesn’t need the encouragement.

Mr. President, I am calling on you to stop with these asinine Twitter rants. They may not be beneath your dignity, but they are most certainly far below the dignity of your office.

But if you can’t kick your Twitter habit, at least quit provoking the most dangerous leader in the world–do it for the sake of your children even if you don’t care about ours.

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