Christian Pre-School Teacher Leads 4-Year-Olds in Anti-Biden Chant

Christian Pre-School Teacher Leads 4-Year-Olds in Anti-Biden Chant March 24, 2022

Imagine walking into a preschool classroom full of precious and impressionable little children. The teacher entrusted with keeping these precious, innocent children safe and preparing them to go into kindergarten has apparently been teaching them about our president. The students seem well-versed in a sort of ritualistic group chant. The teacher asks, “who is our president?”

The children, in unison, gleefully shout back, “Biden!”

Isn’t that sweet, you think to yourself. These cute little 4-year-olds are learning about the president…then the teacher continues…

“What do we want to do with him?” the teacher asks.

That’s an odd question, you think to yourself as you brace for the response.

“We want him OUT!” all the children shout as one voice. These kids had clearly been thoroughly drilled in this exercise that they surely couldn’t even fully understand.

Your jaw hits the floor.


That is exactly what happened recently in a Christian pre-school in California.

Apparently, the teacher was so proud of this activity that she shared the video of it with all the kids’ parents. At least one parent complained and removed her child from the school and that’s the only reason we found out about it. It begs the question; how many other Christian schools are indoctrinating their children with such hateful and biased rhetoric which has never been uncovered by concerned parents?

You can watch the actual video from this California pre-school below.

Video shows California teacher leading preschoolers in anti-Biden chant

Stories like this, and this other one from Indiana that I wrote about recently, really burn me. As a U.S. history teacher, I and others like me have been under attack from the Right for “indoctrinating” students with a leftist, anti-American bias for years now. I’ve been doing public battle against this assertion for a long time. I’ve written profusely about it on this platform and others. The fact of the matter is that, because I DON’T teach American history or government from a Christian Nationalist perspective—because I tell the WHOLE story of our history from as many different perspectives as possible and let my students think critically about it to arrive at their own conclusions—right-wing Christian Nationalists see me as a threat.

But if you want to see what the Christian Nationalists actually want taught to their children, look to the examples that keep coming from these teachers pushing their political and religious views on their students.

Look, it would have been VERY easy for me to trash President Trump during his administration. I’m not going to say it wasn’t tempting, because it was, every day. But I never did. I never did. My students often tried to goad me into doing so. Most of them wanted me to trash Trump, but I wouldn’t take the bait. Imagine if I had given into temptation and led my students in an anti-Trump chant in my classroom. I would have been summarily fired and I would have been all over the national news. And rightly so!

If you are an open-minded Christian parent who sends your child to a private Christian school, I’d encourage you to investigate what political messages your kids are being fed at school. If you learn that they are being asked to accept a hateful diatribes about the President of the United States in school and you are in favor of that, then I guess you probably stopped reading this a long time back. But if you search your soul and ask yourself if Jesus would approve of the teaching of hateful rhetoric in your school. You might want to talk to some teachers, heads-of-schools, or even the local media.

I’d only ask those of you who approve of such tactics as have been uncovered in right-wing teachers’ classrooms recently to kindly cease and desist with the claims that I am indoctrinating my public school students.

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