Crisis Unites Us–It’s Time to Unite

Crisis Unites Us–It’s Time to Unite July 16, 2018

Yes, America is politically divided–badly so. But this is nothing new. The truth is, this country has always been divided. Historically, the only times our division goes away is during time of crisis. Anyone older than their mid-20s can certainly remember the last time Americans put our division aside. Who could forget how different it felt in the weeks following September 11, 2001 when it seemed our entire nation was on the same page? It was amazing to experience that feeling. Of course, it didn’t last, but for a few fleeting weeks, it really did feel like the United States of America. Crisis unites us. It always has. Go back through history and you’ll see it over and over. We squabble over the details of political policy until it feels like we are ready to implode the whole country, then someone dares attack us and all that goes away and we become a monster of unity. That’s how we roll.

Well, America, it’s crisis time again. This time, the enemy was allowed to breach our security thanks to a Trojan Horse of our own creation–our bumbling and befuddling president.

So, what are we going to do? I put this question to those who still support the president. I put this to my more conservative Christian friends who are a part of the overwhelming majority of Trump’s dwindling base. I put this question to the right wing Christian leadership. I put this question to the likes of Franklin Graham. What’s it going to be? Are you going to swallow your pride, admit that the Trump experiment was a dismal failure and help us move on? Or, are you going to double down, batten down the hatches of a sinking ship and pray there will be room left on the lifeboats? I beg of you, conservative Christian, turn off Fox News, get on your knees and pray fervently for discernment. If you love America as you say, take your blinders off and look at where this is leading.

Right now is a pivotal moment in history and I can assure you, history is taking notes and taking names. We have an opportunity, right now, to put our political differences behind us and unite to purge this nation of the mess we’ve put in charge. What we have just witnessed in Helsinki was collusion on stage in real time. If you were waiting for a smoking gun, you just had it dropped right in your lap. You have already damaged your reputation by sticking with this administration to this point, but you could still salvage face by doing the right thing, right now.

I have seen many GOP leaders begin to speak out strongly against the President in the wake of his embarrassing performance at the Helsinki Summit. The president not only failed us, he sold us down the river right under our noses.

You can stand with us now–let’s do this!

Right now is the time. We can go back to debating the details of political policy later, after the smoke clears. For now, let’s unite in the face of this crisis. It’s what we’ve historically done best–in fact, it’s why we exist in the first place. Now, we stand at a critical juncture. If we want to keep moving forward as a nation, your help is vital.

Crisis unites us and now is the time.

Stand with us now.

History is watching.

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