Small Town Sunset

Small Town Sunset March 6, 2019


This tranquil little town glimmers in the magic hour of dusk

Like a postcard or a Rockwell painting

Happy people get in last minute shopping

The fading light makes their skin sparkle and glow

As they nod politely at passers-by

Before the shopkeeps head home for the night


Everyone seems to know everyone

A community bonded by familiarity and similarity

Friendly, shiny, happy neighbors sit down to dinner

As the lights from their homes pierce through the advancing darkness

What could be more perfect?


A road-weary black family sees lights from this idyllic scene

Aglow on the distant horizon

An oasis, perhaps, where they can find a good meal and a warm bed

They’ve been searching for a place like this for hours

The kids’ hopeful eyes peer over the back seat

The parents hold their breath in anticipation


As the town comes closer into view

Their hopes begin to fade

Replaced by yet more despair

The headlights illuminate the sign up ahead

“Nigger, don’t let the sun set on you here”


It’s just another Sundown Town

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