Christian Trump Supporters, You’d Better Start Praying for Your Guy

Christian Trump Supporters, You’d Better Start Praying for Your Guy October 3, 2019

Anyone with an ounce of objectivity has been aware that President Trump has been slipping deeper and deeper into a mental health crisis. You can look at his eyes and see that there is a very tired, frightened, and confused person behind them. I’ve known this on some level since the beginning, but his descent into paranoia-fueled madness is escalating at an alarming rate. There is no longer (if there ever was) any logical reason for anyone to want to see Trump’s presidency continue into a second term, and with impeachment hearings looming, it’s now possible that he won’t see the end of his first term. So, I’m going to reach out once more to the conservative Christians who are still on the Trump Train to consider what’s really important. I’m going to ask you to pray for what’s best for Donald Trump. If you care about him as you say you do, you should be gravely concerned about the details that have come to light in recent days, and about the behaviors of the president this week that can only be described as disturbing. The man is not well and, at this rate, the presidency may well kill him.

This all became very real to me the last two days. For almost three years, while I have been gravely concerned for our country’s path under his administration, on some demented level, Trump’s antics have also been a source of cringe-y entertainment. I mean, call Trump what you will, but don’t call him boring, am I right? But the last couple days I’ve sensed a change in Trump and, frankly, I’m not finding it entertaining or amusing at all now. Since the impeachment hearings began, the already unstable Trump has gone completely off the rails. No matter what you think of someone, it’s not pleasant to watch them descend into insanity. That’s what we’re seeing now. Trump’s behaviors are growing increasingly erratic and disturbing. He doesn’t look well at all. Christian Trump supporter, surely you must see it, too. Are you praying for Trump to beat the system or are you praying for the man’s well-being? At this point, I don’t think you can possibly have it both ways.

Let me just give you some examples of things we’ve seen and learned about Trump just this week.


Border Security

It was revealed this week, through several eye-witnesses, that Trump has suggested that the US military be used to police the border, which is illegal. He also suggested that people caught crossing the border seeking asylum should be shot in the legs to slow them or stop them. That was a shocking revelation, but it goes even a step farther into the land of insanity when it was revealed that Trump suggested digging a trench alongside the border wall and filling it with alligators and snakes. Are these the suggestions of a sane person? Trump reportedly lashed out at his advisors when they didn’t support his suggestions telling them they were making him look like an idiot, saying he ran his campaign on the border wall and he needed to get it done.


Twitter Rants

In recent day’s Trump’s free-fall from reality into rampant paranoia has materialized daily on his Twitter feed. He has demanded to face the “whistleblower.” He has called for the imprisonment of some of his accusers. He has called for Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, to be charged with treason, a crime that carries the possibility of the death penalty. He has called the former Vice President Biden and his son “stone-cold crooked” although investigation of their dealings in the Ukraine has turned up no wrong doing. Trump has even resorted to using profanity in his tweets.

“The Do Nothing Democrats should be focusing on building up our Country, not wasting everyone’s time and energy on BULLSHIT, which is what they have been doing ever since I got overwhelmingly elected in 2016.”

-Trump on Twitter October 2, 2019


Rage-Filled Press Conference Tirades

The moment that perhaps best illustrates just how unstable Trump has become happened during the press conference with the president of Finland, Sauli Niinistro. Reuters reporter, Jeff Mason, asked President Trump exactly what he wanted the Ukrainian government to do about Biden, Trump gave a long, rambling response that never answered the question asked. When Mr. Mason asked a follow up to try to get the president to actually address his question specifically, Trump began to lose control. He went on a tirade, belittling Mason and the press. He finished by saying that Mason was being rude to the president of Finland and demanded that the next question be directed to his guest. When Mason did so, Trump immediately interrupted President Niinistro’s  response and began ranting some more about how much he was “winning” in the trade wars. It got so embarrassing that the Mr. Niinistro had to jump into the middle of Trump’s angry ramblings and say, “I’m sorry, but I think this question is for me.” What an embarrassment. Trump had just accused Mason of being rude, then displayed some of the rudest behavior I’ve ever witnessed from a president in a press conference. The man is in trouble, and I’m not just talking impeachment.

What really frightens me is the fact that the. most powerful man in the world–the man with access to the nuclear codes–is mentally unstable and now beset by paranoid rage. What a recipe for disaster.

So, I ask again, Christian Trump supporter: Are you praying for the president? Are you praying for what is best for him? The man clearly is lost. He needs rest, medical attention, and psychiatric attention and he needs it now.

Let’s do the right thing by the poor man.




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