We Could All Be Better at Love

We Could All Be Better at Love May 18, 2021

I’ve been finding it hard to write my column here lately. The reason for that is that I haven’t been driven to write by self-righteous anger.  After more than four years of feverishly doing battle against the agenda and hateful bluster of the former president, I have been reveling in the relative peace and calm brought by the Biden administration. Things are far from perfect in our government, there are still lots of problems and so much division that it seems unlikely that those problems are going to be properly addressed any time soon, but compared to the dark and disturbing bizarro world we have just come through, things feel pretty nice right now. It’s just a great to wake up in the morning and not immediately start worrying about what the president is going to say or do to cause us shame and embarrassment on any given day. But the fact that not being angry has been keeping me from writing on this forum sheds light directly upon a character flaw that I feel led to improve.

The last few months have been a great time to reflect upon what really matters and how far I’ve sometimes strayed from the way I’m supposed to think, feel, and react to my neighbors. I have to admit that as I drive around now and still see Trump flags and signs on display in people’s yards, it does tend to turn my stomach a bit, but these are now only brief pangs and I can set them aside quickly without letting them depress me. With the new, lighter atmosphere, it’s easier for me to remind myself that those people are my neighbors–easier, not easy–and that Jesus said that one of my most important duties as a Christian is to love them.

Sometimes it helps me to think of it like this: I imagine Jesus is driving around my side of town and notices the “signs” or “flags” in my “yard” which would likely cause him pangs of disapppointment. Yet, his love for me would never waver.

I can never hope to exhibit a “Jesus level” of love, but Jesus himself said that I should be trying to do so. I could be better–I could be so much better.

I am so thankful that the emotional and political climate has improved enough for me to see a much clearer picture of how far I strayed from the Great Commandment. Perhaps, with practice, I can get better at love.

We could all be better at love.

Please enjoy this song I wrote that inspired this article. If you like it, share it with others.


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