August 16, 2019

Well, Christian Trump supporter, I think I finally understand you. That’s not particularly comforting but it’s something, I guess. I’ve been holding out hope for you for a couple years now. As I continue watching Trump fall deeper and deeper into a mind-numbingly deep well of national embarrassment and shame, I keep waiting for you to finally wash your hands of him. Instead, you keep doubling down on your support and it’s been quite vexing to me. Now I realize… Read more

August 16, 2019

I don’t like the term “assault weapon.” In fact, I hate it. It’s vague, ominous, and contentious. It does nothing to define what it is supposed to be referencing. And, quite frankly, it hurts the cause of sensible gun control. An assault weapon is anything you can use to assault someone. It can be a bazooka, a flame thrower, a machete, a pocket knife, or a good stout bust of Thomas Jefferson. Nobody is calling for a ban on pocket… Read more

August 5, 2019

I’ve had it. I’ve absolutely, freaking, had it. I’ve had it with the mass shootings. I’ve had it with the hateful, racist, and bigoted narrative coming from the White House. I’ve had it with the Tweets. I’ve had it with the lies. I’ve had it with the fact that so many of these gunmen are heeding the dog whistles of the president and using his language and messages as the cornerstones of their sick, twisted manifestos. I hate that, if… Read more

July 23, 2019

Trump has the whole country in a tizzy again. When the master distractor resurrected the well-worn racist mantra “go back where you came from” in reference to four women of color in Congress because they have been outspoken and critical of his administration, the nation seemed instantly to become even more divided. Trump’s supporters loved it because they’ve never heard a president so plainly speak the way they speak and think the way they think. The Christian Right loved it… Read more

July 19, 2019

Just when you think the Trump circus couldn’t get worse, he ramps it up another notch, or two, or three. In what could arguably be considered a new low point in a presidency chock full of them, Trump has once again poured fuel onto the fire of racism and bigotry. When the president chose to do battle with four new representatives in Congress, all women of color, who have been outspoken and critical of his administration, he further polarized a… Read more

July 13, 2019

It’s high time for me to come out of the closet. No, I’m not gay, but as a recovering conservative Christian, I’ve been too closeted in my support of LGBT rights. It’s not that I have not publicly supported the LGBT community, I have and have written many times about my frustrations with the way conservative Christians treat the topic of homosexuality. However, I’ve been too wishy-washy in attacking the idea that homosexuality is a sin. I’ve always waffled, saying… Read more

July 10, 2019

It is amazing what kinds of fireworks people can now obtain for personal use. We’ve come a long way from the sparklers, bottle rockets, and firecrackers of my youth. Today, you can have fireworks displays in your own back yard that would rival the displays towns put on for the fourths of July of my youth. This past Independence Day, my wife and I were driving back home from an afternoon visiting my parents. The drive takes about an hour… Read more

July 5, 2019

I know, I know, this is supposed to be the “Empathy Mine”. I’m supposed to be looking for empathy. I’ve tried, God knows I’ve tried…but I’m running low on patience. If you’ve read much of what I have written, you know that I was once numbered among the ranks of conservative Christians. So, yes, I’ve been able to find some empathy for my conservative Christian friends. But it’s getting tougher and tougher to understand how any Christian can continue to… Read more

June 25, 2019

Man, you ought to see my neighbors! I can’t find a righteous one in the bunch. One of them stumbles home drunk just about every night. One is so big from his gluttonous lifestyle that he can barely walk. A woman across the street has been married three or four times and it seems like there’s a different car parked in her driveway every night. Oh, and I hear she’s had an abortion or two, as well. I can’t prove… Read more

June 20, 2019

It’s apparent that most conservative Christians don’t understand the Constitution. Either that, or they intentionally distort the intent of the founders of our nation in order to push the agenda that suits their warped world view. Long ago, conservative Christian leadership, both religious and political,  took control of the narrative on freedom. They misrepresented the intent of the founders and melted down the Constitution and Bill of Rights, poured it into the chalice of their interpretation of scripture, and distributed… Read more

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