7 Ways Wives Communicate Disrespect (Without Realizing It)

7 Ways Wives Communicate Disrespect (Without Realizing It) August 17, 2019

ways a wife disrespects her husbandDoes respect come naturally to you? I’m not going to lie. It doesn’t for me.

I’m married to a great man, but I’ve struggled with respect. Partly because I didn’t know I could disrespect him in so many ways.

Growing up, I wasn’t taught to respect my husband, why he needed it or how I was supposed to give it.

The idea of showing respect to your husband seemed outdated when I got married. Women aren’t taught to respect men. Men are usually portrayed as dweebs who need direction more than respect.

You’ll rarely hear your husband say he feels disrespected.

But it’s his most important need.

A steady diet of disrespect can make your husband feel emotionally malnourished, leaving you feeling unloved.

I know this from experience. I didn’t think of my constant reminders as nagging. I didn’t think of my “help” as criticism. I thought respect was something he needed to earn from me.

You might not realize you’re disrespecting your husband either.

Maybe you didn’t have strong role models. Maybe on one ever taught you what’s important in a marriage.

Maybe you had great parents but never really understood the concept or importance of respect.

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Maybe you want to respect your husband but don’t want to become a doormat.

Respecting your husband doesn’t make you a doormat. It makes you a woman who treats her husband well. He’ll treat you  incredibly well in return.

Learning how to respect your husband starts with learning what he may consider disrespectful.

How do you know you’ve got a problem with respect in your marriage?

If you’re like me you’re thinking, “I’m kind. I’m helpful.” But you’ve still got a grumpy husband who tries to avoid you.

His actions give you a hint as to what he’s feeling.

You can learn how to show respect to your man. Learning to respect starts with learning what he considers disrespectful.

Here are seven ways you may be communicating disrespect without even knowing it.

7  Actions That Communicate Disrespect

Every man is different. Here are a few ways that almost always communicate disrespect:

  1. Criticize him–verbally (with your words) or nonverbally (rolling your eyes when he speaks)
  2. Undermine his decisions
  3. Fail to acknowledge him when he you see him
  4. Mother him
  5. Point out how stupid he is by challenging his decisions
  6. Constantly criticize him in front of others
  7. Acknowledge his faults without acknowledging his positive attributes

Do you recognize yourself here? Does your husband want to do anything other than spend time with you?

He may be feeling disrespected.

What do your words and actions communicate to your husband? Are you disrespecting him without realizing it?

Respect is his number one need. He may not say you’re disrespectful, but he feels it.  Take note of ways you may be disrespecting him and make changes.

The more you respect him the better he’ll love you.

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