7 Easy Ways to Act Like You Meant It When You Said “I Do

7 Easy Ways to Act Like You Meant It When You Said “I Do June 14, 2021

how to show commitment in marriage

If my husband had said “I’ll give it a shot” when the pastor asked him to keep his wedding vows, I would’ve drop kicked that bouquet and headed for the door. You probably would’ve, too.
Many times I’ve acted as if I meant “I’ll try” instead of  “I do.” Getting married is easy but staying married takes commitment.
“I do” is a serious promise.
How do you show commitment in marriage?

“I do” is for real

“I do” is a substantial promise. Til death do you part is a long time.
Most people don’t have a problem with “I do” when it’s easy.
With the divorce rate hovering around 50 percent, married couples seem to have a pretty hard time sticking it out.
How do you act like you’re committed when you realize the man you thought he was and the man he is are two different people?
How do you act committed when you’re hurt? How do you act committed when you’re bored?
It’s not rocket science, even though it took me a little while to figure out what “I do” really means.
“I do” means you’re in it forever.  Even when you don’t feel like you’re in love. Even when you’re hurt, disappointed or discouraged. It means you’re still committed when you’re angry or frustrated.
As a wife coach, I speak with many women who are considering either giving up on their marriages or settling for an unhappy one.
It’s tempting to want to look for a way out when marriage is hard. 
When you said “I do,” did you mean you’re willing to stick it out no matter what or are you willing to give it a try?
What you do is more important than what you say.
Here are 7 ways to let your husband know you’re committed to your marriage:

1. Apologize

“I do” means you’re willing to admit when you’re wrong. It also indicates you’re more concerned with reconciling than with being right.
2. Trust
Trust is important to commitment. When your husband knows he can trust you, he feels more confident in the relationship. Being honest with him also communicates trust.  Tell him what you think and how you feel.
3. Show gratitude
Let your husband know you appreciate him. Say “thank you” often. Your husband wants to know he can make you happy. Gratitude or appreciation communicates you’re happy.
4. Listen
Everyone wants to be heard. No one wants to listen. Sometimes I’m so busy thinking about what I want to say, I don’t take time to hear my husband. When you listen, he feels like what he says is important and you understand what is important to him
5. Let him know you’re in it for the long haul
This may seem like a no-brainer, but nothing says lack of commitment like threatening divorce.  Don’t threaten divorce even when you’re angry. Let him know you’re willing to work it out even when you’re disappointed.
6. Make him feel special
Go out of your way to make your husband feel special. Make his favorite meal, choose to spend time with him instead of going out with your friends. When you make an effort to please him, he feels like he’s important to you.
7. Understand forgiving is a process
Forgiving isn’t a one and done. It’s a process, which takes time and can be tough.  The natural thing to do is to retaliate or retreat when someone hurts you. Women have a way of recording and cataloging every hurt or slight.  Like, remember that time in October 1987, at 1:35 pm when you said “XYZ.”  But holding onto hurts causes resentment and hurts you. Forgiving doesn’t mean you’re letting him off the hook. It doesn’t excuse the behavior. It means you’re not going to let the behavior destroy you.
You may have to remind yourself what “I do” means. I’ve know I have. If I meant, I’ll try I would’ve been gone a long time ago.
How do you remind yourself you meant “I do?”

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