The American Concentration Camps Shouldn’t be a Surprise

The American Concentration Camps Shouldn’t be a Surprise July 13, 2019
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Gilead, the fictional nation from The Handmaid’s Tale wouldn’t even have locked children in cages. That’s where we’re at in real life 2019-America – crossing all kinds of lines against humanity.

Really, we shouldn’t be able to say that we are surprised that this nation openly locks up children in for-profit, concentration camps without any wrongdoing. This is the same nation that allows cops to murder people of color without repercussion, is known for its school shootings, and elected a sexual predator as president.

This nation – the so-called Christian light on a hill for the world – has always been this way. It’s in our very blood, sewn throughout the racist threads of red, white, and blue.

When white colonizers first came to this land, we raped and murdered millions, stole their homes, and tried to destroy their culture. This country was founded on genocide against people of color.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that today we are tearing families apart and imprisoning them all because they are committing the horrible NON-crime of desperately seeking safety for their children.

This great nation stole native children from their parents and gave them away to white strangers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we are stealing immigrant children from their families and locking them in cages for no logical reason other than racism.

This nation was built on slavery, another genocide that makes the U.S.A. what it is today. We tore apart millions of families and sold humans like they were cattle. We used the literal blood of black and brown children to build our economy.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that companies are making over seven hundred dollars a day per human that we lock up. People are making a crap-ton of money capitalizing off wrongly imprisoning families while violating their basic human rights. This is America.

White colonizers sexually assaulted and raped the people that they forced into slavery regularly, the Handmaid’s Tale has been a reality for years upon years in this nation. We shouldn’t be surprised that today, it is being reported that children are being sexually assaulted in the concentration camps they were put in purely for seeking a safe life.

We shouldn’t be surprised children are dying in these concentration camps.

We shouldn’t be surprised.

It’s in the very foundation of our nations.

But it should have been stopped.

It should never have gotten to this point.

We should be beyond outraged. We have to fight back. We need to call our government officials. We need to protest and sit-in. We need to abolish ICE. We need to do whatever it takes to stop the horrendous crimes against humanity that are being committed, yet again, by the white colonizers of this nation. We need to let love win. For good this time.

When we look back on WWII, most of us think we would have stood against Nazi Germany and did the right thing, the human thing. But the reality is, we would be doing whatever it is we are doing today. To be silent while we walk the road toward another genocide is to be complicit. Being complicit kills people. Choose your side in history.

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  • Rudy Schellekens

    I guess you have never read “Man’s Search for Meaning?” Or visited the site of any of the death camps? Or lost anyone in them?
    The language you use to describe the the holding locations for people who try to get into the country illegally is beyond imagining. You use the term which describes the systematic abuse and killing of entire population groups, where people were killed either outright, robbed of their last belongings, and to add more indignity, robbed of their hair and teeth-fillings. You use a term that brings to mind daily torture and abuse, working people to death in the most horrific of circumstances. The people who were brought into those death camps were guilty of nothing more than not meeting the standards of the Ubermensch. They did not break any laws. They were just people, picked up off the streets, hauled out of their homes and cast away as if no more than dirt.
    Now compare this with circumstances of people who are in the current detention centers. Is it the best of circumstances? By no means. Are they starved to death? Are they robbed of their possessions? Are they killed off?

    Your criticism of the current situation would be a lot more acceptable if a) you stick with current events rather than comparing this to the place where millions upon millions were brought to be killed and b) if you have a better idea.

    Ik ben ook een immigrant. But I followed the laws as they pertain to immigration. No fun. Not easy. Definitely not cheap. I did not expect the length of time it took.

  • DC

    It’s true these camps are not the same thing as Nazi camps or those of the Killing Fields. But they are a useful step on a continuum to increase tolerance for ever more violent responses to people everywhere. I think if you find any survivors of the actual German camps, they would be very opposed to this treatment of possible refugees, despite the less severe circumstances. They know they gradual acceptance grows by seeming relatively better than the worst one can imagine. People in these camps may never be admitted to the US. But if they are, they are legal. If they are turned back, a better idea is while these applicants are waiting for a decision is to house them humanely instead of making infants drink from infected bottles and asking folks to drink out of toilets. Supposedly, the “good” people will never be caught up in such a system, but you only have to look at how that works in totalitarian countries to realize that the “Need” for security will often grow to imprisoning anyone that the leaders deem inconvenient. That is exactly why the bill of rights was placed onto the constitution. There are comforting fake catchphrases like the old German saying “Arbeit macht frei” telling victims they only had to work harder and they would be fairly rewarded. Poppycock. We’re only a few decades past imprisoning all Japanese on the west coast and also seizing their property which mostly they never got back. The President freely calls his political opponents “enemies”. He joked about killing people and how easy it would be to shoot someone on 5th avenue without losing a vote. His disdain for the folks who didn’t vote for him is evident and his conclusion is that they aren’t Americans but enemies and haters of America. The majority of residents, even of eligible voters didn’t vote for him. The majority of those who did voted for his opponent. Yet, he has the nerve to say the majority of Americans are Un-American. The framers of the constitution knew there would be conflict, but determined to set up a system in which the opinions of the public, not the raw sewage of political kickbacks and propaganda that would make TASS or Joseph Goebbels blush guided the government, . There was to be an understanding that we were a diverse country and the opinions of others would be debated in the public square. But we could remember that they were as the British say: “The Loyal Opposition.” As if joking about accepting the results of the election was his prerogative, he then joked about being (following China, Russia, and North Korea’s example) President for Life. One can only hope George Washington would never hear those words. He could have stayed President for Life – at that time it was constitutional – which it is not now. But Washington knew it was important for the Republic to steer clear of anything like a monarchy. Apparently, today we have a ‘unreailty’ TV celebrity who knows nothing of what they founders wanted and who dodged military service, and pretty much any kind of responsibility, but who cares? he concludes. He said it himself: “When you’re a star they let you do anything.” Good thing Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Hamilton among others weren’t stars.

  • Scott

    This was from the Obama administration trying to be passed off as a Trump photo. Not a lot of outrage back then. What a surprise. It’s all about ideology.