Summer Reruns

Summer Reruns July 1, 2009

I can hardly believe that one full year has just about passed since I started up the Shrinking the Camel Blog last July. Ninety posts later, I can honestly look back and say, “What was I thinking?”  I have no idea how I ever mustered up the time and energy for all of that creative writing, but there it is, hanging somewhere in that Tag Cloud to your lower right.

I am happy to report that I have made some great friends along the way, and am ever so grateful for those who, for some odd reason, faithfully take the time to read my new posts each week. I am also still a little surprised that the folks at InsideWork, HighCalling and SalesGravy ever invited me to share these stories on their massively higher-trafficked sites. (Thank you.)

As the summer bears down in earnest, I am reflecting upon what it all has meant. This one thought strikes me: I definitely need a break. But I don’t want to shut down STC for the summer – that would kill me. And maybe you would miss me too. The solution? Reruns! I have a sneaking suspicion that most of you did not discover this Blog until it was well underway. I know this in fact, because I have been keeping track. The readership didn’t really pick up in a consistent and serious way until late November and December. So most readers started with whatever was getting posted then. And we all know that no one actually goes back and reads posts from the past. Who has the time? And, here is the beauty: You have no idea what you have missed. 

I suppose there is some Blog etiquette rule about posting reruns, but I am going to ignore it because I have written some awesome material over the past year and in my opinion, it is absolutely worth posting again.

In addition to these reruns, I am also going to introduce a guest Blogger from time to time: my friend and co-conspirator in the Leadership & Spirituality field, Dr. Stephen Payne. His material is much more practical than mine. Plus you will likely pick up his British accent, which makes the read sound more prestigious, too. (See? That word “prestigious” doesn’t sound nearly as good the way I just wrote it now as it would with a British accent). I think you will like it.  

I will drop in occassionally for a word or two, but will mostly spend my time focusing on some big-picture stuff. Like, where the aych am I going with all of this? Right now, I am not sure. But, I have a feeling that, as Dr. Payne always says, God is showing me the pathways. I’ll keep you posted.

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