June 21, 2021

My school year as a preschool teacher ended last Thursday with a breakfast celebration in our school garden that every single family attended. The weather was perfect. The baked goods (prepared by my kiddos) were delicious. The families were so happy to enjoy the time together with each other and the children that we never even got to our traditional speaking program. It was supposed to last an hour. We stayed in the garden until lunchtime! Today, we begin our… Read more

June 20, 2021

This is a continuation of our series recognizing the Year of St. Joseph.   St. Joseph as a father It is Father’s Day here in the United States, so it seems fitting to reflect on St. Joseph in his role as the earthly father to Jesus. Since the Church has elevated him to sainthood, it is easy to think of him as the perfect father, and setting a standard for holiness that all men should strive to achieve. That does… Read more

June 18, 2021

A violent squall came up and waves were breaking over the boat, so that it was already filling up. Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a cushion. They woke him and said to him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” (Mark 4:37–38).   When I hired at Catholic Answers in 2000, the staff met for prayer in a large multi-purpose room. The room was also used for meetings and for welcoming guest speakers. Seating was provided… Read more

June 15, 2021

  This past weekend, my husband and I trekked to my parents’ house on an island in New Hampshire. My daughter, son-in-law, and grandson came up, too. My parents–G.G. ( for great grandmother) and Big G, collectively known as the Double Gs–had only met the Very Best Baby briefly, a year ago, when he was just a few months old and the world wasn’t in a pandemic lockdown. Now a toddler, the fella is, well, busy. The Double Gs made… Read more

June 11, 2021

  Working in the church sometimes makes it difficult to remember what the church is for.    It can certainly make God feel far away. Sometimes I envision God trapped on the floor of my office, buried under the pile of curriculum magazines, apostolic exhortations, diocesan memos outlining new COVID-19 protocols, and the stagnant energy of all the conflicts that have arisen throughout the week. Sometimes I see him there and try to help him up off the floor. I… Read more

June 7, 2021

  What a week! As I point out to my preschoolers, who are just figuring out how to manage in this world, it is hard work to feel all your big feelings. Let’s just say I worked very hard this week: My daughter eloped. It did not come as a complete surprise, there had been hints for a long time. Still, I was rattled by the shock of emotion at the news. I must confess that there was sorrow at… Read more

June 4, 2021

When I was a child, we attended Mass at a Dominican convent the next town to the North. The nuns had a different visiting priest almost every week; they came from all over, and brought with them many different traditions, cultures, and approaches to Mass. Two things were always the same: Sister Suzy’s painful organ playing, and the pure white, perfectly round communion wafers, each stamped with a cross. Then, one week when I was about 12, we met Father… Read more

May 31, 2021

This is the next installment of the Sick Pilgrim series of reflections during this Year of St. Joseph. The Need for Foster Care Foster care serves as a temporary, emergency place for children to safely be cared for while the situation with their biological parent(s) is stabilized. There are many reasons why a child would be removed from their home. Often, a family has a short term crisis–parental illness, incarceration, unemployment, or homelessness. Other families face more complex issues such… Read more

May 31, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend Nor’easter It is Memorial Day here in the United States. This is the day we honor those we lost serving in our armed forces. Traditionally, there are parades, wreath-laying ceremonies, and somber remembrances. It is also, as my local news station put it, the “Unofficial Start to Summer” marked with barbecues and camping and opening up beach houses for the season and such. Only, here in New England, we have been experiencing a rare spring Nor’easter—a storm… Read more

May 28, 2021

Did a people ever hear the voice of God speaking from the midst of fire, as you did, and live? (Deut. 4:33).   Last Sunday morning, I reflected that it would be the first time in twenty-five years as a Catholic that I wouldn’t be receiving Communion during the Easter season. The dispensation is still in effect in the Diocese of San Diego, so this wasn’t as bad as it sounds, but it was still a jolt to me to… Read more

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