Spooky Pilgrim Ghost Stories: Kid’s Edition!

Spooky Pilgrim Ghost Stories: Kid’s Edition! October 24, 2016
Courtesy of The Eldest Griffith Child.
Courtesy of The Eldest Griffith Child.


(Believe it or not, your esteemed Sick Pilgrim co-founders have kids. Jess has two and J has three. Two of our offspring have started ghost clubs at their respective schools. So, yeah, we are raising them right! We invited our two eldest to share ghost stories with us.)

Charlotte’s Story

One day I happened to be in Elk Rapids with friends. We went to an antique shop, and when we were entering, the lady at the counter leaned over and told my mom, “I think your children are psychic!” My mom probably rolled her eyes and thought she was a nut.

A bit later me and my friend Cam had been wandering round the shop in search of something good to buy. Then the lady spoke again: “There’s a ghost in this store. I have a niece who claims she’s seen it!” Still later I was outside the store with Cam when she said, “It’s the ghost! Up there!” I didn’t see anything but Cam sure did. When we left the store everybody had an opinion. Both moms thought the lady was a nut. Cam believed everything. I didn’t know what to think.


Colin’s Story

I actually have two. One night, when I was nine, I think, everything seemed normal and I fell asleep. Around midnight, I woke up and saw a ghost hovering in my closet. His mouth opened and shut a few times as it stared at me. I yelled really loud and my dad came running into our room. When he asked what was wrong, I pointed at closet and said, “Ghost.” He looked but didn’t see anything. My mom thought I was dreaming, but my dad didn’t. He believed I saw something and that it wasn’t a dream.

Two years later, when I was eleven, I woke up to see an old man standing in the closet looking sad. I thought maybe I should talk to him but I was too scared to say anything. I told my parents in the morning. My mom thought I was dreaming again but my dad prayed over the closet.


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