TKUG for January 25th

TKUG for January 25th January 25, 2021

This is our first Things Keeping Us Going of the new semester AND of the new Biden-Harris administration. So, there is a busy week ahead of us. Knowing that, I should have spent more time getting stuff done this past weekend. Instead, I played with my grandson–The Very Best Baby–and then, inspired by Amanda Gorman’s reading at the inauguration last week, I spent two hours at a (virtual) spoken word poetry celebration. I regret nothing.

Here are some other things keeping us going:

Mary’s family just got these plates. They are made in America and are bringing joy to her whole family at meals.

From Maren Grossman:  My family was obsessed with Marty Robbins for a few years. Now that they’re obsessed with The Mandalorian, this parody is doubly delightful.


From Joanna Penn Cooper: The episode of the podcast Mike Birbiglia’s Working It Out (Episode 24) that has Natasha Lyonne. I listened to it twice. She’s so human and wise and funny and endearing. I love their conversation.

What is keeping you going, friends?

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