Things Keeping Us Going: Bird Watching Edition

Things Keeping Us Going: Bird Watching Edition May 3, 2021

I have the tremendous good fortune to work walking distance from the Charles River. Foolishly, I rarely take advantage of that. Today, though, I checked out a new path that followed a wide curve, with forest on one bank, and an urban neighborhood on the other bank. The weather was glorious, and it seems like everyone was out for a walk. Including this crew:

These fluffly goslings were flanked by their parents, who were VERY vigilant to make sure I did not come too close to their brood.

This swan that was just gliding along in the sunshine.

This great blue heron that was unfazed by my presence. She stood still for nearly fifteen minutes. Then suddenly, she punched her head into the water and pulled up a fish.


It was the best twenty minutes of my day.  What is keeping you going?



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