Oh fer

Oh fer July 19, 2013

Seen on Target’s Facebook page:  “Corn on the Cob Survival Kit”

Up next:  a special truss for guiding your tootsies in the general direction of your flip flops!  How about some lotion to rescue your fingertips from the ravages of pressing the OnStar button in your SUV if you get lost on the way to Starbucks?  Or maybe an itty bitty squeegee for clearing the fog off your upper lip when you courageously tackle an ice cream cone?  Take heart, Americans!  We will survive the summer.

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  • richard

    Now I’ve seen everything! Which reminds me that I need to go to Target for groceries next week.

  • Monica H

    Or how about little shields that prevent your widdle toofies from aching when you bite into a popsicle? (gonna stop there, ’cause I could spend all day coming up with stuff like this!)

  • Given that the corn is already husked, they’ve failed.

  • MTDave

    My wife does tend to say, “Stand back, he’s eatin’ corn!” You know the old cartoons that show characters eating corn to the sound of a typewriter?

  • Cynthia Cunningham Chambers

    Sadly, my local Target was not offering this. They do have back to school supplies, (though school starts in 6 weeks) and cable knit sweaters (although it was 100 degrees here this week). I anticipate Christmas stuff on my next visit