I KNEW I should have gone with The Sinner’s Guide to Amish Vampires in Space.

I KNEW I should have gone with The Sinner’s Guide to Amish Vampires in Space. November 29, 2013

I was having lots of fun scrolling through this list of Worst Christian Book Covers of 2013.  A couple of favorites:

and this:

and of course this, which should win all the prizes ever, for everything, but most of all for the most courageous use of “spray paint” tool in a professional setting:


“Most intelligently designed” indeed.

But then I got to #7 on the list of Worst Christian Book Covers of 2013, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but A COVER THAT LOOKS VERY, VERY FAMILIAR:

A sign your priest may be WAY too involved in your sex life.
(Submitted by Kimberly Roth)
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!  Oh man.  I’m on a list, I’m on a list!  Thanks, Kimberly Roth, whoever you are.  I submit, for your discering eyes, the mockup for my next book, coming out  some time in 2015:

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  • Wow, that just doubles the awesomeness level of those pint glasses I won!

  • TheReluctantWidow

    Oh, you have really hit the big time now. That is awesome!

  • Terry Mondry

    Your comment on Becky Wooley’s cover made me laugh and laugh. Thanks!
    (And props for the “Army of Darkness” reference.)

  • Kerry Nietz

    Sorry for your…um…loss, Simcha. But it was a hard won victory, there were lots of worthy contenders…I feel like we all really bonded out there. Better luck next year! 🙂

  • The “Amish Vampires in Space” cover would definitely get a click from me on Netflix.

  • MightyMighty1

    What? Whoever thought that was a bad cover simply hates Christian books. Your cover is awesome. Granted, I can see how someone might think things were a little out of hand if you and your husband were literally naked, together, at the confessional. 🙂

    Please include a chain saw in your next book. Some how, I know you can do it.

  • Kimberly Roth

    Well, crap! I was just amused by the cover – now I actually want to read the book. Although, I would kind of prefer to read the chainsaw version. I mean: chainsaw. I was personally inspired by the list to begin working on my magnum (read: solo) opus, “Dysenteric Amish Zombies Along the Oregon Trail in Space: A Love Story.” I welcome any and all cover suggestions.