Calling all artists! I’m looking for Christmas artwork.

Calling all artists! I’m looking for Christmas artwork. December 19, 2014

I’d love to put together a gallery of Christmas art for the Register on Christmas day. If you have a photo of a work of original art you’d be willing to share (and if you own the copyright or have permission to share online!), please drop me a line at simchafisher[at]gmail[dot]com and write “Christmas art” for the subject. I try to keep the wordiness to a minimum on Christmas, so this will just be an image and, if you like, a link to your blog or website. Thanks!

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  • Deimos

    Dear Simcha
    Just an off topic comment to wish you and your family Happy Christmas.
    I find your writing is a combination of thought provoking and comfortably human catholic. You inspire and hug in equal proportion, please continue.

  • Emily Kimmel

    Would art for the feasts during advent count? For example, if I wanted to do an Our Lady of Guadalupe painting (feast day: Dec. 12), would that be ok?