Pro-Lifers Should Offer Help and Hope Along with Undercover Videos

Pro-Lifers Should Offer Help and Hope Along with Undercover Videos July 30, 2015


Many Americans call themselves pro-choice, but are uncomfortable with unlimited abortion on demand, and these videos could help tip the balance in their hearts. But even as we hope and pray that the videos accomplish this conversion, let’s not forget another large population of Americans, whose hearts matter just as much: the population of women who have had abortions.


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  • Thomas Quitzau

    Sorry, but all women in the United States have the backing of the Supreme Court to have abortions on demand for any reason at any time. And now it seems that they can even harvest their babies’ body parts and maybe make money on the side. This is about funding and about courage. Yes, I am a man, but I know that it takes courage for a woman to carry a baby for nine months, bring a baby into this world and then to raise it for 18 years. It’s one thing for women to choose abortion; but it’s a whole other thing to ask me to pay for it.

    • Autismmomx4

      And are you willing to pay to support that child for 18 years? If not, hold your tongue.

  • Guest30
    • Sue Korlan

      Given that there is such a shortage of babies available for adoption in comparison to the huge numbers of prospective parents waiting to be able to adopt, I stopped reading this article when I got to the implication that no one wants these children. Let’s be honest. The newspapers have plenty of classified ads from people wanting to adopt a baby. The babies don’t exist any more because they were aborted.