What’s for Supper? Vol. 4: Workin’ on my night cheese

What’s for Supper? Vol. 4: Workin’ on my night cheese September 11, 2015

whats for supper


Alternate title for this week’s dinner round-up: This Is Why I’m Fat. Hey, if you have to die young, might as well die young while full of cheese. Specifically, feta, parmesan, mozzarella, pepper jack, cheddar, and provolone, all in one week. And we’re not even vegetarians. The cheese was just to help all the meat find its way around. Whee!

You can find the first What’s For Supper? post here. Vol. 2 is here; and vol. 3 is here.

At the end of the post, there will be a little blue InLinkz button, so you can add your own post; or feel free to leave a comment. You don’t have to be a fancy pants chef! This is just a place to talk about food, the good, the bad, and the cheesy. Don’t forget to link back to this post!

Here’s what we had this past week:



 To you, that’s “hash browns” and “sausages.”
Everyone likes omelette night. Anything made to order is always a hit, if somewhat complicated.

food blog omelette list

Their choices were mushroom, feta, pepper jack, fried onions, ham, and tears of a mermaid

Was there even any promotion for this movie? It’s fantastic. One of my all-time favorites, just bizarre and hilarious, and feast for the eyes.

A good omelette makes up for a lot. A LOT.
which is almost as good as a feast for the mouth.

I was never able to make decent omelettes, or anything else that involved frying, until I got a decent pan. I use this T fal stainless steel 12-inch pan, and it turns out I’m not actually a terrible cook! I just had terrible pans. So that was nice.




Pork was still on sale, so my husband made a dry rub from what we happened to have in the cabinet, which happened to be brown sugar, white sugar, garlic powder, salt, pepper, cumin, chile powder, and paprika, and he grilled the ribs outside.

with some help
with some help

I honestly thought it was going to be too sweet, but holy cow, they were fantastic. The sugar turned into this glorious, savory, mahogany, yes-life-is-worth-living glaze, and I made a complete pig of myself.

My oldest daughter made a wonderful coleslaw with a recipe I can’t find at the moment, but it was pretty standard. We don’t have a food processor, but the cheese grater works well enough. We didn’t have buttermilk, either, but used some plain yogurt instead. (You can also make a buttermilk substitute by adding a splash of vinegar to regular milk and letting it sit for a bit.)



My husband had the day off for Labor Day, so he and my third daughter made his sumptuous chicken cutlets, which involves pounding the chicken flat, breading, and frying it, and then topping it with a basil leaf and a slice of provolone, and then garnishing the whole thing with a ladle of homemade tomato sauce, so it all melts together.

The recipe is here, on Deadspin, which has many wonderful recipes, all full of cussing (which I can totally deal with) and a lot of extraneous narration (which I cannot deal with, but my husband can). I cannot say enough about this dish. It is so good. So good.


I tried a new roasted broccoli recipe from Damn Delicious, and I added a bunch of sliced mushrooms. It was tasty, and the recipe was super easy, but I will roast it longer next time, and probably dry off the broccoli better. It turned out a little damp. Probably the mushrooms added moisture, which I had forgotten they would do.

My daughter had made chocolate chip cookies the other day, and we miraculously had leftovers, so we used them to make ice cream sandwiches.

critically acclaimed
critically acclaimed




I have no idea if we’ve always had tacos on Tuesdays anyway, or if the Lego movie made us do it, but we sure have tacos on Tuesdays a lot.  We love this movie, too, by the way. So weird and funny and sweet.

We’ve also figured out where to store the tortillas so they’re safe from the infamous ravening tortilla hound, who just can’t help himself.

quesadillas con dog bite




The completely wrong dish for a brutally humid day, but oh well. We had leftover (unseasoned) ground beef from the tacos, plus leftover wonderful sauce from the chicken cutlets, so I added those things to Aldi’s jarred sauce, which is not bad at all, and cooked up some sweet Italian sausages.

I seem to recall salad.

food blog just crawl away
This is Corrie just casually crawling away from a devastated omelette. What she did to the spaghetti was even worse.


Lovely pizza. One pepperoni, one olive, one olive and basil, and one basil, pepperoni, and red onion.

my pretties
my pretties

I like to put the toppings under the cheese, so they don’t get dried out in the oven; and I like to sprinkle garlic powder, oregano, and grated parmesan on top of the mozzarella, to give it a nice crust.



This is what’s on the menu today. I use the Fannie Farmer white sauce + cheese recipe, but I tend to throw in a lot more cheese than is called for. I don’t even know how much I use, but it’s a hell of a lot more than half a cup. “Half a cup of cheese” is not even a thing, as far as I’m concerned.

For a topping, I either mix together melted butter and breadcrumbs (I find this technique easier than buttering each individual breadcrumb, ho ho), or else crushed Ritz crackers, because there aren’t enough calories in eleven cups of cheese.


My goal for next week: less cheese, more vegetables. Corrie’s goals remain the same: EAT EVERYTHING.

corrie eating daddy's head

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  • Mrs. Amen

    First of all – Don’t you just love Damn Delicious?! She’s one of my favorite food bloggers. She even does slow cooker dog food. I mean, who does that? Incredible! I would actually consider slow cooking food for my dog (if I can ever work up the courage to get another dog) because I just know her dog food has got to be as good as her human food.

    Secondly, those chicken cutlets! I have some chicken to use up…so these will probably make an appearance soon Chez nous.

    • Amanda

      Agree completely, Damn Delicious is one of the best out there!

  • Amanda

    I love cheese. I pretty much ignore whatever the recipes call for as far as cheese amounts and just add heaping handfuls until I’m satisfied.

    Our week in food:

    Saturday: ground beef enchiladas with a homemade chipotle red sauce, from this recipe: http://www.lyndasrecipebox.com/2012/02/tex-mex-beef-echiladas.html Except I always use flour tortillas because we just don’t like corn tortillas in our house.

    Sunday: A great Irish pub in the downtown area of our town has a kids eat free promotion on Sundays. The toddler doesn’t actually really eat any of the meals offered, but she *loves* french fries so it’s a easy, free way to make sure she has her own to keep her happy and quiet while we chow down on the pub’s awesome burgers. Plus then I get to eat her leftover fried chicken tenders for lunch the next day. Yep, we’re a very healthy family.

    Monday: at the husband’s request, giant plates of fajita chicken nachos. We get the marinated fajita chicken breast from HEB, slice it into strips and sautee it, then assemble layer upon layer of chips, cheese, jalapeno slices, and chicken into a giant tower before getting it all melted and delicious.

    Tuesday: ground beef and a homemade spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker all day, then add in fresh spinach, mozzarella and parmesan, and macaroni noodles. I foolishly put inn the noodles dry instead of cooking them beforehand like I was supposed to, but with adding in about a cup and a half of hot water and letting it cook about 25 minutes longer, it turned out ok. The recipe was nothing fantastic, but it ticked the boxes of being nourishing, having protein, and veggies (tomatoes and spinach)

    Wednesday: Another failed time making pork fried rice with peas and carrots. *One* time in my life I made delicious pork fried rice. I don’t know what I did but every attempt since then has failed. Well, not “failed” exactly, it was perfectly edible, but again nothing fantastic. I tried calling it an “average meal” but my husband insisted that was inaccurate since I make so many fantastic meals, this was far below my standards for average. I think he was sincerely trying to compliment me…

    Thursday: After having two rather blah meals in a row I was determined to make something exciting/better. I tried Savory Feta Pies from this link http://allrecipes.com/recipe/23884/savory-feta-pies/, following comment suggestions to double most of the spices, use a can of diced tomatoes instead of a fresh, lowering the temp and cooking longer, and cutting the pie crust into wedges instead of circles. My husband thought it tasted fantastic but I was very frustrated with not being able to get the dough together right to make them look nice (presentation is not my strong suit) and with the fact that the bottom layer of pie crust absolutely adhered to the foil lining I put on the pan so I just had to scrape the top layer and filling off and heap it on the plates in a mess anyway.

    Friday: Tonight we’re having Smoky Black Bean and Vegetable soup to use up the rest of the chipotles from the can I opened for the first recipe (so it’ll probably end up being somewhat less chipotle than the recipe calls for, but I’m sure it will be fine): http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/smokey-black-bean-vegetable-soup

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    My kids would live on cheese, especially Munster or smoked gouda (which I only buy when it’s on sale, as a treat).

    • Darren Jones

      Our kids would do the same, but Colby Jack or Mozzarella sticks are the cheese of choice in the Jones house.

  • As I wrote mine up I realized we definitely did not even remotely eat healthy this week, and the dinner I made tonight is pretty marginally healthy too. Goals for next week!

  • Eileen

    Our week in food. It was a busy week, full of contact paper, permission slips, and emergency dismissal forms. I had a couple of mandatory parent meetings so the food was pretty unhealthy and thrown together this week. I’m going to try to eat better next week and only then will I dare to take my blood pressure or weigh myself.

    Saturday: We went out to dinner. The whole family. Lots of leftover nuggets and fries. After eating too much bread and too many appetizers, I brought home my chicken cobb salad.

    Sunday: Went to a family BBQ

    Monday: Bubba burgers and waffle fries with cheese and bacon. No vegetable at all. This was our weekly dessert night. Again Duncan Hines brownies with ice cream. This was a leisurely night. I could’ve thrown together a salad. Dinnertime just snuck up on me and I didn’t do it.

    Tuesday: Leftovers from Saturday’s dinner out. I think a couple of people had Marie Callender chicken pot pies because there weren’t enough nuggets to go around. I shared my chicken cobb salad with the 10 year old. Roasted asparagus. Had plenty of time to fix a healthy meal but I was afraid the leftovers would go to waste if we didn’t eat them.

    Wednesday: Busy night. BJ’s Rozzano Meatballs with Ragu on Kaiser rolls. Again no veggies.

    Thursday: Another busy night. Lunchmeat sandwiches. No veggies. Not even lettuce on the sandwiches.

    Friday: Pizza

  • Tori

    We love The Pirates: Band of Misfits, too. It really is very clever. But it must not have been widely promoted because we discovered it by accident.

    Our week in food, AKA my weekly memory exercise. The struggle is real.

    Saturday: Fettuccine Alfredo. Except with linguine. So, Linguine Alfredo.
    Sunday: My brother is the family smoker (not that kind!), so at my parents’ house we had smoked brisket and homemade sausage on Texas Toast with his homemade BBQ sauce (wow!) and tarragon potato salad. And we were celebrating my youngest’s first birthday, so I made a chocolate sheet cake, appropriately.
    Monday: Hot dogs and french fries. So fancy. Much Labor Day.
    Tuesday: Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti.
    Wednesday: Homemade pizza. Although you made me realize I forgot to sprinkle on the oregano and Parmesan *sob*
    Thursday: Baked potatoes with all the fixins.
    Friday: I don’t know! It is 4:20 and I still haven’t figured that out. I have a loaf of Italian bread and some tomatoes, so I’m thinking some Baked Parmesan Tomatoes on toasted bread slices. And some salad. That will probably work.

  • Anna

    Sat: roast chicken, both killed and cooked by my husband. The kids mostly wouldn’t eat it and had peanut butter.
    Sun: made the rest of the chicken into chicken salad by adding mayo, sliced grapes, and sunflower seeds. Two of the three food-eating kids loved it, so more of a win than the day before.
    Mon: taco casserole (yes, we just had that week before last; I bring it to a lot of people when they have a baby and then I just make one for us too) and stuffed peppers for those who wanted them, which was just the grown-ups. Had friends over and they brought some yummy green beans with basil and… other stuff on them. And we had salad and grapes.
    Tues: leftovers including the salad, so veggies two days in a row!
    Wed: cream cheese chicken with noodles. Sliced boneless chicken, butter, packet of italian dressing seasoning, can of cream of chicken soup, and pkg. of cream cheese. Crock-pot on high for (from frozen because when do I ever manage to thaw ahead of time) about 3 hours. Everyone loves this. Also canned corn and apple slices.
    Thurs: homemade pizza, cheese for the kids, hamburger for the parents. Yes, we add lots of extra cheese too. And carrot sticks and apples (not on the pizza).
    Fri: spaghetti con tonno, which is a package of pasta cooked al dente over which you pour a cup of heavy cream (cooked until it boils and thickens a bit) to which you have added a couple cans of tuna. Sprinkle with grated parmesan to serve. Authentic Italian dish (really!) Tried making pumpkin cubes with garlic and thyme (courtesy of the recipe inside the pumpkin seed packet). They weren’t bad, though we decided the recipe would be better with potatoes since those pie pumpkins really are sweet and we thought it was an odd combo. Kids ate tons of the pasta (they will eat any pasta with a white sauce on it) and hated the pumpkin.
    I’ll leave you to guess which days we had chocolate chip cookies, which days we had pumpkin pie, and which days we ate a cake that my daughter decorated at our homeschool group. Dessert is more of a food group for me than veggies apparently. Which may be why it takes me 12-14 months to fit into my regular clothes post-babies…

  • Claire

    I’m with you. Cheese and chocolate are my two favorite foods.

  • Lani

    Cheese makes everything taste better!

    We were away until Sunday, so here is what we had during the week:

    Monday: Vietnamese carmelized chicken thighs, Jasmine rice, edamame (that’s my go-to veggie since my kids will eat bowls at a time)

    Tuesday: Penne Sausage Gratin (love the cheese!) and garlic bread

    Wednesday: BBQ Rub pork chops, white rice, salad

    Thursday: “Dirty Rice” with ground turkey and spinach

    Friday: Spaghetti with shrimp and tomato cream sauce, garlic bread, salad

    Saturday: we are having a guest over tonight, so it’s a special menu…

    Burrata and heirloom tomato platter
    Salami platter
    Penne with Sausage Mustard sauce
    Garlic Bread
    Cookies and Cream cake

  • Lydia

    We started doing Taco Tuesdays at my house, as well, though now any day we have tacos is referred to by the appropriate title, even if it’s not alliterative – Taco Monday, Taco Friday, etc. Always with a pot of Spanish rice on the side.
    I was able to go see “Pirates!” in college, when a theater in the area had a nice discount for students. Another of that movie’s merits: it introduced me to Flight of the Conchords.

  • Sara Carney

    Half cup of cheese is in no way a thing. Nor should it be. Love this part of your blog.

  • lissla_lissar

    Since my husband’s been working every evening, my meal plans have been suffering an attack of Convenience Food, but I did make a lovely herbed chicken stew and cheese biscuits, which my kids refused to eat. This week is going to include black bean burritos (from a friends’ amazing refried beans recipe), sesame peanut noodles, and probably a lot more of the Grilled Cheese of Hopelessness. Also chili.

    Can you tell that I’m frantically working on the meal plan right now?

    • Helen anderson

      Yep, the refuse to eat. I made corn and ham omelettes this morning and suddenly everyone had an attack of, ‘Oh, I have a sore tummy, I only feel like toast’.

  • Monica

    As far as I’m concerned, no part of this post exists except for Corrie’s perfect chub.

  • lissla_lissar

    The Pirates! movie is based on a book. There’s a series, actually. I think the first was Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists!! and there’s at least one more called Pirates! in an Adventure with Communists!!

    They’re great.

  • Helen anderson

    Does anyone have any tips for using up The Stuff That is in the Freezer? Everything our freezer is something that we don’t like. That’s how it ended up in there. Like a slightly failed curry or steamed parsnip.

    I pull something out and then get scared and put it back.

  • Sherry

    Would have linked in, but didn’t write it up until today. Wish my kids would live on the same cheese. Some thrive on provolone, others, cheese sticks, and others, parma. But no one likes the same….sigh. Will check out pirates movie. Try Book of Life, it’s awesome.