You Can and You Can't

You Can and You Can't July 24, 2009
You can cover yourself like a bruise

"You Can Call Me Al," Paul Simon
"You Can Get It if You Really Want," Jimmy Cliff
"You Can Leave Your Hat On," Randy Newman
"You Can Make Him Like You," The Hold Steady
"You Can Never Hold Back Spring," Tom Waits
"You Can Take It With You," The Lemonheads
"You Can't Always Get What You Want," The Rolling Stones
"You Can't Do That," The Beatles
"You Can't Lose a Broken Heart," Billie Holiday
"You Can't Make Love," Don Henley

That's a dismayingly canonical list there. The Beatles, the Stones, Billie Holiday — really breaking new musical ground here, huh?

Happily, though, someone in comments below will recommend some lost B-side from some world-altering band that I've never heard of and one day I'll track it down and give it a listen and it will make the hair on the back of my neck stand up just like I was hearing the Beatles or the Stones or Billie for the first time. (This doesn't happen every Friday, I'll admit, but it does happen, which is why this particular game is worth playing.)

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