Oblivious to Oceans

Oblivious to Oceans June 22, 2012

They’ve bought the bullets and there’s no one left to shoot …

Oblivious,” Aztec Camera
Obsession,” Animotion

Occasionally,” Melissa Etheridge
The Ocean,” The Choir
The Ocean,” Tegan & Sara
Ocean and Atlantic,” Mayday Parade
Ocean Breathes Salty,” Modest Mouse
Ocean Size Love,” Leigh Nash
Oceans of Venus,” Dengue Fever

This is a pretty narrow range, so let’s also include every “Ocean” song we’ve got, whether or not it’s the first word in the title. For me that adds:

1000 Oceans,” Alison Crowe
Blue Blue Ocean,” Echo and the Bunnymen
Rolling Ocean,” Johnny Clegg

This is what I’d like to do with the Dengue Fever song “Oceans of Venus.” I would need a large shopping mall that has both a comprehensive PA system and security cameras everywhere. Pick some random, unassuming-looking shopper. The song starts playing as soon as they walk into the mall. It plays along whenever they’re walking. When they stop, it stops. When they start walking again, it starts playing again. I want to see how long it takes them to notice, and how they respond once they do.

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