From Pennsylvania to a Perfect World

From Pennsylvania to a Perfect World June 29, 2012

How am I gonna keep myself away from me?

The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Co. Resignation Letter,” Matthew Friedberger
Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand,” Glenn Miller
Pennyroyal Tea,” Nirvana
People Are Strange,” Echo and the Bunnymen

People Get Ready,” Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions
People Get Ready,” Eva Cassidy
People Get Ready,” Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart
People Have the Power,” Patti Smith
“The People Here Are Not Shy,” Over the Rhine
People in Your Neighborhood,” Idiot Flesh
People Watching,” Jack Johnson
People Who Died,” Jim Carroll Band
“The People’s Limousine,” Elvis Costello
Perfect,” Smashing Pumpkins
Perfect Blue Buildings,” Counting Crows
Perfect Circle,” R.E.M.
The Perfect Crime #2,” The Decemberists
“Perfect Distillation,” Bottom of the Hudson
Perfect World,” Tonio K.

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  • Penuet I – Vanessa Mae
    Penuet II – Vanessa Mae
    People Ain’t No Good – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    Perfect Girl – Sarah McLachlan
    Perfect World – Liz Phair

  • Peregrinatio” – Ifran
    “Perfect” – Carfax Abbey
    Perfect” – The Last Dance
    Perfect” – Stabbing Westward
    Perfect Drug” (8 different versions) – Nine Inch Nails
    Perfect Love… Gone Wrong” – Sting
    Perfect Water” – Blue Öyster Cult

  • Ganimed

    People – King Crimson
    People Ain’t No Good – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    People Are People – Depeche Mode
    People Are Strange – The Doors
    People Are Strange – Echo and the Bunnymen
    People of the Sun – Rage Against the Machine
    Perfect – Depeche Mode
    Perfect – The Smashing Pumpkins
    The Perfect Boy – The Cure
    Perfect Circle – REM
    Perfect Day – Lou Reed (2 versions)
    The Perfect Kiss – New Order

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    You don’t have Penny Lane?

    The mind boggles

  • Jon Frater

    Perfect Sense (Parts 1 & 2) — Roger Waters
    Perfect Situation — Weezer

  • lowtechcyclist

    Wow, I’m actually going to be able to contribute a few songs!

    Pensacola – Joan Osborne
    Pepper – Butthole Surfers
    Perfect Place – Voice of the Beehive

  • Vermic

    “Pennsylvania” – The Bloodhound Gang
    “People Are Strange” – Echo & the Bunnymen
    “The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death” – The Housemartins
    “Perfect Crime” – Guns & Roses
    “Perfect System” – Oingo Boingo

  • rm

    I can’t believe I don’t have “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed. I had it on tape.

    Pennsylvania 6-5000 — Glenn Miller Orchestra
    Penny’s Farm — The Holy Modal Rounders
    Penny’s Farm — Lost Mountain String Band
    Penny’s Farm — Olav Undeland
    Penny’s Farm — Pete Constantini
    Penny’s Farm — Pete Seeger
    Penny’s Farm — Tom Akstens & Neil Rossi
    Penny Lane — The Beatles
    People are Strange — James Lee Stanley & Cliff Eberhardt
    People Come Out of Your Shell — Staples Singers
    People Get Ready — Bob Dylan
    People Get Ready — Reid Jamieson
    People Go Mind Your Business — Peggy, Penny, & Barbara Seeger
    People Got a Lotta Nerve — Neko Case
    People Puttin’ People Down — John Prine
    Perfect Peace — The Blind Boys of Alabama

  • Penetration“, performed by the Ventures
    Pennies from Heaven“, performed by Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra with Louis Armstrong and Frances Langford
    Péntek Esti Blues“, by Deák “Bill” Gyula
    Péntek esti hős“, by Hobo Blues Band
    Pénzügyesek“, by Republic with Cseh Tamás
    People Always Talk About the Weather“, by Yonderboi
    People Got a Lotta Nerve“, by Neko Case
    Peppermint Man“, by Dick Dale and His Del-Tones
    Peppy“, by the High Llamas
    Perdido“, performed by Duke Ellington
    Perdido Street Blues“, performed by Louis Armstrong
    The Perfect Crime #2“, by the Decemberists

  • Odd how much more common the Echo cover is than the Doors originals. Maybe it’s a generational thing?

    Only one in my iTunes for this list, but I really need to scour these threads for things to add…

    Perfect Tan (Bikini Atoll) – Machines of Loving Grace

  • imathers

    Penny Dreadfuls – Animal Collective
    Pentachrome – Laurie Spiegel
    People Got a Lotta Nerve – Neko Case
    People Keep Comin’ Around – Tindersticks
    People of the Sky – Sloan
    People Used to Dream About the Future – A Girl Called Eddy
    People Who Died – Jim Carroll Band
    Per Second Second – The Wrens
    Perfect Circle – R.E.M.
    Perfect Day – Chris Whitley
    Perfect Day – Lou Reed
    Perfect Homes – Darren Hayman
    Perfect Lovers (Unperfect Love Mix) – Phantom/Ghost
    Perfect Lovesong – The Divine Comedy
    Perfect Stranger – Katy B

  • ChristianPinko

    Perfect Example – Husker Du

  • Penny Lane – the Beatles
    Pennyroyal Tea – Nirvana (2 versions)
    People Are Strange – the Doors
    People Like Me – Hanoi Rocks
    Percy’s Song – Bob Dylan
    Perellin Humppa – Euskefeurat
    Perfect Day – Lou Reed
    Perfect Situation – Weezer
    Perfect Time Killer – Cornelis Vreeswijk