From Pennsylvania to a Perfect World

From Pennsylvania to a Perfect World June 29, 2012

How am I gonna keep myself away from me?

The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Co. Resignation Letter,” Matthew Friedberger
Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand,” Glenn Miller
Pennyroyal Tea,” Nirvana
People Are Strange,” Echo and the Bunnymen

People Get Ready,” Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions
People Get Ready,” Eva Cassidy
People Get Ready,” Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart
People Have the Power,” Patti Smith
“The People Here Are Not Shy,” Over the Rhine
People in Your Neighborhood,” Idiot Flesh
People Watching,” Jack Johnson
People Who Died,” Jim Carroll Band
“The People’s Limousine,” Elvis Costello
Perfect,” Smashing Pumpkins
Perfect Blue Buildings,” Counting Crows
Perfect Circle,” R.E.M.
The Perfect Crime #2,” The Decemberists
“Perfect Distillation,” Bottom of the Hudson
Perfect World,” Tonio K.

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