The Way to A Ways to Go

The Way to A Ways to Go August 10, 2012

Light a candle for the world war torn

“The Way,” Billy Crockett
Way Down in the Hole,” Tom Waits
Way Down Now,” World Party

The Way I Was Made,” Griffin House
The Way of Love,” Charlie Peacock
The Way of Men,” Mark Heard
“The Way We Make a Broken Heart,” John Hiatt
The Way You Look Tonight,” Ella Fitzgerald
The Way You Look Tonight,” Frank Sinatra
The Way You Look Tonight,” Fred Astaire
The Way You Make Me Feel,” Michael Jackson
“The Way Young Lovers Do,” Maria McKee
Wayfaring Stranger,” Emmylou Harris
Wayfaring Stranger,” Eva Cassidy
Wayfaring Stranger,” Johnny Cash
The Ways of a Woman in Love,” Johnny Cash
Ways to Be Wicked,” Lone Justice
A Ways to Go,” Emmylou Harris

There are some terrific vocal contrasts in this list. Maria and Emmylou. Ella, Frank and Fred Astaire. Young Johnny and Old Johnny. Tom Waits and everyone else. …

Billy Crockett was a CCM singer-songwriter who played a concert at my college freshman year. I helped set up for the concert and got him to record some promos for the campus radio station. He was a really, really nice guy, so I bought his album. It’s not bad, but I kind of always wanted to like it more than I did because I liked him as a person more than I wound up liking his album. I have quite a few albums and books for which this is true.

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  • Way Down” – Tori Amos
    Way Down Deep Inside” – Harper
    The Way I Live My Life” – Iris
    The Way Out Is Through” – Nine Inch Nails
    The Way Things Are” – Fiona Apple

    This is about four weeks in a row I’ve had a good list for these.

  • thatotherjean

    “Way Down Yonder in New Orleans”- Louis Armstrong
    “The Way We Were” – Barbra Streisand

  • friendly reader

    “Way Down in the Hole” — doesn’t everyone who watched The Wire have this song?

  • “The Way,” Fastball
    “Way Away,” Toad the Wet Sprocket
    “Way Back Texas,” Pat Green
    “The Way I Feel,” Rancid
    “The Way I Will,” The Elms
    “The Way We Were/Try to Remember,” Gladys Knight & the Pips
    “The Way You Make Me Feel,” Michael Jackson
    “Ways + Means,” Mike Doughty
    “Ways of the World,” Saw Doctors
    “Wayward Wind,” Waterboys

  • “Way Back Into Love” – Music & Lyrics
    “Way Back Into Love (Demo)” – Music & Lyrics
    “The Way I Am” – Didi Benami
    “The Way I Am” – Ingrid Michaelson
    “The Way We Were” – Michael Ball
    “The Way You Look Tonight” – Kris Allen
    “The Way You Make Me Feel” – Michael Jackson

  • Another Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, this one by Freddy Cannon

  • LeRoc

    I only have The Way to Nice by the Ethiopian master of psychedelic jazz, Mulatu Astatke. I’ve read a blog describing his style with the words: “Who needs drugs if you can listen to Mulatu Astatke?” I completely agree with this!

  • MikeJ

    Way Out West – Big Star
    The Way We Met – Morphine
    Way Down – The Feelies
    The Way Some People Die – Yo La Tengo

    Too tiring to type more…

  • Amaryllis

    but there was a time when all of us were friends

    The Way It Goes  – Gillian Welch
    The Way It Will Be – Gillian Welch

  • Is this an indirect way of welcoming me and my new blog “On the Way” to Patheos? :-)

    Here’s what a quick check of my iTunes database revealed, besides stuff already mentioned:

    “The Way I Walk” – The Cramps”Make A Way” – Natalie Grant

    “Born This Way” – Lady Gaga

    “I’m On My Way” – Kelli Pickler

    “You’ll Find a Way” – Santigold

    “Never An Easy Way” – Morcheeba

    “All The Way From Memphis” – Mott The Hoople


  • [With links]
    Is this an indirect way of welcoming me and my new blog “On the Way” to Patheos? :-)

    Here’s what a quick check of my iTunes database revealed, besides stuff already mentioned:

    The Way I Walk” – The Cramps
    Make A Way” – Natalie Grant
    Born This Way” – Lady Gaga
    I’m On My Way” – Kelli Pickler
    You’ll Find a Way” – Santigold
    Never An Easy Way” – Morcheeba
    All The Way From Memphis” – Mott The Hoople


  • friendly reader

    Since you’re new, the rule of the game is not that the songs have the word “way,” it’s that they start with the word “way” or “way–“.

    I’d have a lot longer list if I included songs with the word “way” that weren’t at the beginning. Including “This is the Way the Ladies Ride,” from my massive collection of children’s music for work.

  • MikeJ

    Starting with “the” or “a” is ok too.  If you sort in iTunes it ignores “The” anyway.  Which maddeningly means you can’t search for anything by The The.

  • imathers

    The Way I Feel Today – Six By Seven
    Way Out – Orbital
    The Way That I Found You – Ladytron
    Way Too Long – Audio Bullys
    The Way You Used to Smile – The Research
    Wayfinding – Readymade