Musical mendacity

Musical mendacity September 14, 2012

It’s time to stop pretending things are real

Another Good Lie,” Mark Heard
Asking Me Lies,” The Replacements
“Counterfeit King,” Randy Stonehill
He Lied About Death,” Stars

Hips Don’t Lie,” Shakira (feat. Wyclef Jean)
“How Much I Lied,” Elvis Costello
The Lie and How We Told It,” Yo La Tengo
Lie to Me,” Tom Waits
“Lisa Lies,” After Eleven
Perfidia,” Glenn Miller
Tell Me a Lie,” Griffin House
Terrible Lie,” Nine Inch Nails
That Was a Lie,” Sharleen Spiteri
Ticket to Lie,” Texas
Trouble With Lies,” Adam Again
Weight of Lies,” Avett Brothers
Would I Lie to You?” Eurythmics
“You Could Lie to Me,” Mark Heard

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  • Comforting Lie – No Doubt
    Easier To Lie – Aqualung
    Half The Lies You Tell Ain’t True – Stereophonics
    I’d Life For You (And That’s The Truth) – Meat Loaf
    Lie Detector Test – Sage Francis
    Lies – Billy Talent
    Luv Lies – Aerosmith
    Real A Lie – Auf Der Maur
    Rebellion (Lies) – Arcade Fire
    Rock N Roll Lies – Razorlight
    Tell Me A Lie (Shawn Michaels’ Farewell) – James A Johnston –
    That’s No Way To Tell A Lie – James Dean Bradfield
    White Lies – Paolo  Nutini
    Ain’t No Doubt (She’s Lying) – Jimmy Nail
    Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You – Jay-Z vs Linkin Park
    Lying From You [Live] – Linkin Park
    Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off – Panic! At The Disco –
    Try Honesty – Billy Talent -
    Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart – Manic Street Preachers –

    I’ll add more video links later, need to get back to work just now

  • Risser

    Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
    Arctic Monkeys – Dance Little Liar
    Avett B rothers – The Weight of Lies
    Beyonce – Beautiful Liar
    Carrie Underwood – I Just Can’t Live a Lie
    The Castaways – Liar Liar
    Charlie Walker – Tell Her Lies
    Chromeo – My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar)
    Chuck Berry – Don’t Lie to Me
    Coheed & Cambria – The Lying Lies & Dirty Secrets of Miss Erica Court
    The Cure – This Is a Lie
    Danzig – I Know Your Lie
    Elliott Smith – The Biggest Lie
    Eminem/Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie
    Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies
    Florence + the Machine – I’m Not Calling You a Liar
    Forever the Sickest Kids – Believe Me I’m Lying
    The Fratellis – Tell Me a Lie
    Julie London – Little White Lies
    The Knickerbockers – Lies
    Lovage – Lies and Alibis
    Matchbox 20 – Bed of Lies
    The McCoys – If You Tell a Lie
    The Natural Four – Hanging on to a Lie
    Panic! At the Disco – Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
    The Rolling Stones – Lies
    Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie
    Slayer – Read Between the Lies
    The Smiths – Miserable Lie
    Soundgarden – All Your Lies
    Syd Barrett – I Never Lied to You
    Taking Back Sunday – Liar (It Takes One To Know One)
    Three Dog Night – Liar
    Tool – You Lied
    Willie Nelson – I Couldn’t Believe It Was True

  • Risser

    Oh, I forgot: Thompson Twins – Lies

  • Annie, Would I Lie To You” – Iris
    The Needle Lies” – Queensrÿche
    Lies” – Stabbing Westward
    Big Lie, Small World” – Sting

  • PurpleAardvaark

    Rodney Crowell — Lies Don’t Lie

  • The_L1985

    Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…

    Demon Hunter “The Science of Lies”
    Disturbed “Sacred Lie”
    Eagles “Lyin’ Eyes”
    Linkin Park “Lying From You”
    (Live “Pain Lies on the Riverside”–different definition of “to lie”)
    NIN “Terrible Lie”
    Interrobang Pie “Pinkie’s Lie (Chiptune Remix)”  (Yes, MLP fan music.)

  • Theo Axner

    Commie Lies – Janet Greene
    Dom Ljuger – Troublemakers (“They Lie”)
    Dom Ljuger – Eddie Meduza
    Don’t Lie To Me – Motörhead
    I Don’t Believe a Word – Motörhead
    It’s Not True – the Who
    La-La-La Lies – the Who
    Liar – the Damned
    Liar – Motörhead
    Liar – the Sex Pistols
    Liar, Liar – the Castaways
    Liars Beware – Richard Hell & the Voidoids
    Lies – the Knickerbockers
    Lies of Hate – Soul Asylum
    Love Is Lies – the Buzzcocks
    När Det Brinner i Lögnfabriken – Cornelis Vreeswijk (“When the Lie Factory Is on Fire”)
    O, Babe, It Ain’t No Lie – Bob Dylan
    Pack of Lies – the Nomads
    Return of the Liar – Rocket From the Crypt
    You Lied – Green Day

  • banancat

    Poker Face – Lady Gaga
    Dirty Little Secret – All-American Rejects

    (Kinda stretching it but that’s the best I have)

  • lowtechcyclist

    Luscious Jackson – Why Do I Lie
    Diana King – L-L-L-L-Lies

  • Andy

    Liar — Queen
    White Lies — Grin
    Tell the Truth — Derek and the Dominoes

  • friendly reader

    “Liar” – Emilie Autumn
    “Lies” – Glen Hasard, from the soundtrack for “Once.”
    “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” – 150 Fun Songs for Kids

    Wait, that last one might not fit…

  • MikeJ

    Though I Know She Lies – Chris Bell
    Don’t Lie to Me – Big Star
    Lies – Black Keys
    So He Begins to Lie – Bloc Party
    Little girl Lies – Blondie
    Lies Goodbye – Calvin Johnson & the Sons of  the Soil
    Love Lie – Capt. Beefheart
    Lonely Old Lies – Neko Case
    Livin’ the Lie I Love – Dash Rip Rock
    Living a Lie – The dB’s
    String of Lies – Goo Goo Dolls
    One of My Lies – Green Day
    Lies – King Missile
    Very First Lie – Material Issues
    Lies – Peter Bjorn and John
    I Could Have Lied – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Asking Me Lies – Replacements
    Panty Lies – Sonic Youth
    Shady Lies – Richard Thompson
    That’s a Lie – Too Much Joy
    Good Lies – The Notwist
    I Lie Pretty – VTG
    Baby, You Lied – X
    You Can’t Lie – Critics

    I might suggest “Believe”” for next week. It has the word lie in it and I had to wade through a ton of believes to find the lies.

  • MikeJ

    Argh. How did I omit:
    How She Lied by Living – The Posies

  • Nothing specifically with “lie” in the title on my player, so I’m going more with the theme than the word:

    A Traditional Victorian Gentlemen’s  Boasting Song – The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing
    Backstabber – The Dresden Dolls
    Dirty Business – The Dresden Dolls
    Is She Secretly On My Side? – Unwoman
    Secret Message – Doctor Steel
    So They Say – Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

  • The_L1985

     I believe I can lie,
    I believe I can falsify.
    There’s people lying every night and day,
    I don’t think it’ll go away…

  • Amaryllis

    Battle of the Broken Word – Toshi Reagon
    The Broken Pledge – Tola Custy
    Broken Promise Land – Elvis Costello and Alan Toussaint
    The False Bride – The New St. George
    The False Knight on the Road – Tom Hart and Maddy Prior
    Frim Fram Sauce – Nat “King” Cole
    I Don’t Believe You – The Nightjars
    I Think I Smell a Rat – The White Stripes
    Lie To Me – Tom Waits
    Love In the Lies – Amos Lee
    Rigs of the Times – Bellowhead
    The Sailboat Malarkey* – A. L. Lloyd
    There Once Was a Woman Who Swallowed a Lie – Pete Seeger

    * Technically speaking, it doesn’t fit the theme; I believe that the sailboat’s original name was Malachy.  But still, malarkey is malarkey

  • borealys

    I Won’t Lie – Tuuli
    Little Lie – Lindi Ortega
    Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac
    Rebellion (Lies) – Arcade Fire
    White Lies (Stranded in Suburbia) – Melissa McClelland
    Liar – Hey Ocean!
    My Girl is Calling Me (A Liar) – Chromeo
    He Lied About Death – Stars
    Bed of Lies – Matchbox Twenty

  • ProfWombat

    Fats Waller:  It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie

  • Saffi

    Big Stripey Lie, by Kate BushEverybody Lies, by Leo KottkeHow Much I’ve Lied, by Gram ParsonsLie Lie Lie, by Serj TankianLies, by Violent FemmesPromises And Lies, by UB40Sweet Lies, by Robert Palmer

    And MikeJ – I sympathize.  Not only did I have to wade through a lot of “BeLIEve” songs, I also had to wade through, among other works, the entire catalog of Billie Holiday, Willie Nelson,  the Hollies,  a very long Genesis album (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway) and the soundtracks to Amélie and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

  • Saffi

    OK… weird.  I’ve had comments eaten, but not ever merely nibbled.  Oh, well, here’s a second try without the links:

    “Big Stripey Lie”, by Kate Bush
    “Everybody Lies”, by Leo Kottke
    “How Much I’ve Lied”, by Gram Parsons
    “Lie Lie Lie”, by Serj Tankian
    “Lies”, by Violent Femmes
    “Promises And Lies”, by UB40
    “Sweet Lies”, by Robert Palmer

    And MikeJ, I sympathize.  Not only did I have to wade through many, many “beLIEve” songs, but also (among many other tracks) my entire list of songs from The Hollies, Billie Holliday, Willie Nelson, a very long Genesis album (“The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”) and the soundtracks to Amélie and A Charlie Brown Christmas.