When you tell them you still got to sell them

When you tell them you still got to sell them October 8, 2012

See if you can spot the subtle difference between these two headlines.

First, there’s this one from Christianity Today:

Bible Publisher Tyndale Files Lawsuit Against HHS Contraceptive Mandate

“Too often, its leaders traffic in flatly untrue statements.”

And then there’s this one from Baptist Press:

Bible publisher Tyndale files suit against abortion mandate

Did you spot the subtle difference?

That’s right, Christianity Today’s headline style is to capitalize all words. The headline style of the Baptist Press, on the other hand calls for them to capitalize only the first word, followed by lying nonsense pretending that contraception and abortion are the same thing.

Yes, this contradicts scientific and medical fact and bears false witness against the HHS while gorging on the delusional, smug self-righteousness that comes from pretending everyone else is a Satanic baby-killer. But hey, that’s what the Baptist Press stylebook requires in a headline.

* * * * * * * * *

The Children of Mary is a group of Catholic nuns in Ohio. They are also liars.

They lie a great deal. They lie ridiculously and extravagantly. I suppose they may be so far gone at this point that they have forgotten the truth entirely — forgotten reality entirely — and that thus, in some sense, they might no longer realize they’re lying. But still, the things they say are falsehoods designed to deceive. There’s a word for that.

There’s a temptation to laugh at their anti-contraception video as merely hilarious or “wacky.” It certainly is hilarious and wacky, but it’s also a lie.

This stew of ignorance, legend, slander and sheer fabrication is not the sort of thing any well-intentioned but innocently ignorant group could come up with. The production and promotion of this video is a deliberate evil deed, the product of malicious intent.

The Children of Mary are not innocent, or nice, or good.

* * * * * * * * *

Good to see: Christianity Today calls out the Liar Tony Perkins for, well, lying:

We have major reservations about FRC’s methods for public engagement. Too often, its leaders traffic in flatly untrue statements.

The old-line mainstream of evangelicalism — like the folks at Christianity Today — needs to realize that it’s reputation and identity have been co-opted by people like Perkins. He works hard to make himself the public face of evangelical Christianity. If CT wants to keep using that word “evangelical,” they’re going to have to reclaim it by taking it away from Perkins and his ilk.

And while we’re on the subject of the spectacularly mendacious religious right, here’s Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel providing “proof” of liberal media bias. “Media report support for Romney dwindling. Media lie,” Barber tweeted, along with a picture of a huge crowd at a Romney rally.

Is the picture Barber provides as “proof” actually of an Obama rally from 2008? Why yes, yes it is.

(Post title comes from this classic Adam Again song.)

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