Secrets of a mind-reader

Secrets of a mind-reader March 6, 2013

“It seemed, back then, that every ‘sensible’ and ‘serious’ person you knew — left or right — was for the war. And they were all wrong. Never forget that they were all wrong.”

“I want a humility that affirms the struggles of those who fight for justice rather than trying to shut them down with Bible verses.”

“Focus on understanding why the program is doing what it’•s doing, rather than why it’s not doing what you wanted it to.”

“God came to earth in Jesus in order to experience what God had not previously experienced — human loneliness, human joy, godforsakeness, and death. The incarnation of God in Jesus changed God. God achieved a new perspective.”

“Jesus illustrated love of neighbors with the Good Samaritan, who had the wrong answers (theologically) but the right kind of love. He was the foil for the priest and Levite, who had the right answers but the wrong kind of love.”

Forget all that silly business with clouds and harps. Heaven is full of rooms that look like this.

“Through their gullibility, their lack of discernment, and their lack of attention to Scripture, they have contributed not to the defense of the Christian faith, but to what can only be considered an attempt to undermine it.”

“It can be statement of resignation or a declaration of determination, but either way there are moments when to say ‘f–k it’ is to acknowledge that one has reached a certain crossroads, or an axis in ones life where big decisions will be made. ‘F–k it’ might just be an important theological marker.”

All parties and groups are fractious and bumbling. But everyone always thinks everyone else is efficiently and ruthlessly implementing long-term schemes.”

Perhaps Sen. Paul should read our papers before he comments on them and perhaps he should consider more broadly how science can help society.”

“Somewhere, a young man in an oppressive regime is inspired. ‘Could one day our government be brought to a halt by petty bullshit?‘”

Only a Vulcan mind meld will help with this Congress.”

“All picnics should now be scheduled for two hours, 55 minutes in length.”

“Hey, that Panamanian biologist was right. Oops.”

“… but ‘navel’ isn’t what Solomon said.”

“Honestly, I hope that what I’m looking at actually is Dark Skies. I hope Dark Skies secretly is performance art.”

“So to this day at the World Science Fiction Conventions … no edible costumes.” (see also)

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