Delaware House passes marriage equality

Delaware House passes marriage equality April 23, 2013

Following New Zealand’s lead, the Delaware state House of Representatives voted to approve marriage equality.

But Delaware legislators failed to follow their Kiwi counterparts’ example by celebrating with a beloved traditional Delaware love song. I suppose George Thorogood’s “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” wouldn’t really have been appropriate anyway.

But since today was a huge day for marriage equality all over the place — with France’s National Assembly voting 331-225 for égalité, the Nevada state senate voting to repeal that state’s same-sex marriage ban, and Rhode Island’s state senate taking a step toward passing its marriage equality bill — I think some kind of celebratory singing is called for.

This isn’t quite a Delawarean love song — it was written just before Bob Marley moved to Wilmington — but it seems like a good choice for today.

Feel free to sing along.



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  • I know some people who are definitely ready to stop being forced to lie about their marital status on their federal tax returns.

  • spinetingler

    Oh, you are evil. The good kinda evil.

  • Lori

    Three cheers for Rhode Island which today effectively became the 10th state to recognize marriage equality. The bill passed the House a couple of days ago and passed in the Senate today. Governor Chaffee has already said that he’ll sign it. That will happen after a few minor adjustments to make the House and Senate bills match up.

    I think the best thing about this is that all 5 Republicans senators voted in favor of the bill. That’s apparenlty the first time that an entire party delegation has voted for marriage equality. So, hats off to the RI GOP senators. Good job.

    I have no idea if Rhode Island has a traditional love song.

  • arcseconds

    dammit, I knew that, too…

    on a hunch I started a ‘is this a song that’s been through more than two sets of hands’ search, but didn’t wait until it returned!

    I blame you.

    I mean, I blame Fred, because technically Toobs wrote ‘one scotch, one bourbon, one beer’

    I mean, what I said was still correct so i’ve nothing to be ashamed of.

    I mean…

  • Fusina

    Here is the newspaper announcement she has decided to take out regarding her disposal of the inheritance, once she gets it, and after she has sent it to the refuge. And yes, she does have a PhD, with no help from her parents, who thought she was crazy to want a Bachelor’s degree and did not contribute to her education beyond grade school.

    In honor of my father, *****, and his lifelong interest in child sexual abuse, I am donating my entire inheritance from him to the ********* County Women’s Refuge Sexual Assault Client Services.

    Dr. ******

  • Lori

    That’s perfect. May the donation help people in need of help and may giving it help bring your friend peace.

  • Carstonio

    Great! Any appropriate love songs in the Throwing Muses catalog? Kristin Hersh is from Rhode Island. And so is the creator of Cthulhu.

  • EllieMurasaki


  • Julian Elson

    New Zealand was also, unless I’m mistaken, the first still-extant sovereign polity to enact women’s suffrage.

    Note: Wyoming enacted women’s earlier than NZ, but one could argue that WY was a territory, then a state within the US, not a sovereign polity. Then again, one could say that NZ was a British imperial colony at the time of women’s suffrage being enacted and not sovereign either, even if they gained it later. (I think the Iroquois Confederation enacted women’s suffrage from the start in medieval America (1142? 1450s?), but I’d say they’re no longer a sovereign polity, to reverse the New Zealand path of “autonomous dependency –> sovereign polity.”)

    Didn’t mean to leave such a long winded note. Just trying to Wikipedia my way through determining whether the “NZ had women’s suffrage first” claim actually holds up.