I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you

I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you August 13, 2019

• “‘Breaking the law’: Fox News panel slams Christians for sheltering illegals

A panel on Fox & Friends condemned a Christian family over the weekend for sheltering untermenschen.

Host Pete Hegseth discussed the Ten Boom family’s decision to declare itself a “sanctuary” as the White House cracks down.

“So is this crossing the line?” Hegseth asked his panel.

“We don’t want to create a place in which the rule of law is not respected. That’s not good for the nation, it’s not even good for the untermenschen who is looking for help to suggest to them that somehow, there’s one place where you have to follow the law and another place that you don’t,” Fox News commentator Jonathan Morris said.

Fox contributor Robert Jeffress echoed Morris’ sentiments. “That’s right and look, churches ought to minister to everyone, but there’s a difference between ministering the people and assisting people in breaking the law,” the American Southern Baptist pastor said.

“The church has no business in doing that. And look, the Bible is very clear about this,” Jeffress continued. “In Romans 13, Paul says, ‘Government is established by God. To resist government is to resist God himself.'”

• Given that The Family — a five-part documentary series based on Jeff Sharlet’s excellent book — is now streaming on Netflix, it seems appropriate to revisit this, from 2015: “The National Prayer Breakfast is bad for the nation, bad for prayer, and bad for breakfast.”

A ticket to that breakfast costs more than $400. Given that you can gorge yourself at IHOP for less than a tenth of that, and you can always pray for free, it’s worth asking what your $400 is paying for, and why so many people are so happy to pay it.

All this for under $10 and you can still pray all you want, for free, while you eat it.

• Oh, hey, remember last week when I discussed the 2014 poll numbers on white evangelical and American Catholic support for legal abortion? We talked about how those numbers likely haven’t changed much, since they’ve scarcely shifted at all in 30 years despite massive, ferocious, perpetual insistence from the leaders of those groups that criminalizing abortion is mandatory for both Christian sects. Yet despite that — despite 30+ years of unambiguous, unchallenged preaching that this is an essential dogma that must form the foundation of religion and politics for white evangelicals and for Catholics — half of all American Catholics and a third of white evangelicals ain’t buying it.

Well the new survey data from 2018 is out and, yep, about a third of white evangelicals (35%) and about half of American Catholics still aren’t buying their spiritual leaders insistence that this is what they should and must believe.

Maybe if those white evangelical and Catholic leaders just assert this dogma harder for another 30 years — maybe if they spend another generation bearing false witness against a third of all women while refusing to listen to them or to trust them — maybe that will convince their followers to join them in this self-righteous sin.

Prolly not. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.


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