Postcards from the class & culture wars (6.6.23)

Postcards from the class & culture wars (6.6.23) June 6, 2023

“Gay said at that point, he showed his gun ‘Just to say I’m not stealing. I need you here to help me to get a couple of these steaks. I’m not going to hurt you.'”

You have a lot of guns and not very much knowledge.”

“If we’ve gotten to the point where we need third graders to treat traumatic gunshot wounds on other children, we really need to take a step back and look at that.”

“Former Trump National Security Director Michael Flynn is … a ‘founding member’ and president of the advisory board for ‘4thPURE’ a dating and community site for anti-vaxxers.”

“She could only coach her patient — emotionally distraught and physically in pain — through another 12 hours of labor to deliver a baby that couldn’t and didn’t survive.”

“If [Alabama bill] HB454 becomes law, it would legally mandate that someone be charged with murder for having a miscarriage.”

“He disapproved of her abortion, and court records obtained by the newspaper say that he shot her because of this.”

“The Tennessee woman would end up needing a lifesaving emergency hysterectomy, ending her opportunity to give birth to more children, after she says she was denied medically necessary abortion care at a hospital in her home state for life-threatening complications earlier in her pregnancy.”

“This news comes on the back of recent proposals by conservative-dominated state legislatures to overturn no-fault divorce in Texas, Nebraska and Louisiana.”

“What’s happened in all of these essentially conservative institutions is that right wing ideas have lost out, because those ideas are generally both empirically wrong and normatively disgusting to people who aren’t still in the grip of some reactionary atavism like evangelical Christianity.”

“Three churches in West Texas have made financial contributions to a pastor running for a hotly contested seat on the Abilene City Council, a clear violation of federal rules prohibiting nonprofits and churches from endorsing candidates.”

“ChickenRight’s posting on far-right websites and Searle’s alleged involvement with Fuentes occurred before and after he started working in [Republican Rep. Paul] Gosar’s Capitol Hill office.”

“Wolfe argues that the future of America depends on keeping children at home into their 20s, growing your own food, weightlifting to keep testosterone levels high, and avoiding vegetable oil.”

I thought personally there was too much Black history.”

“Salinas confirmed that the post about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was hers and apologized for it, saying she hadn’t read it beyond the word ‘communism.'”

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