MLK Jr on Slavery and Human Blindness

MLK Jr on Slavery and Human Blindness October 6, 2019

A fantastic quote from one of Martin Luther King Jr’s sermons “Love in Action” on how slavery was propagated.

“Slavery in America was perpetuated not merely by human badness, but also by human blindness. True, the causal basis for the system of slavery must to a large extent be traced back to the economic factor. Men convinced themselves that a system that was so economically profitable must be morally justifiable.”

He goes on to say that “men conveniently twisted the insights of religion, science, and philosophy to give sanction to the doctrine of white supremacy.” Truth from each of these domains is twisted and rationalized to preserve the abomination of slavery. Human trafficking, the slavery of the modern day, is propagated by this same evil and blindness. Whether it’s the evil of the perpetrators, those that look the other way (with whatever twisted justification they have in mind), or those who aren’t looking at all, this disease still permeates our world.

21 million people are still enslaved. Let’s open our eyes. Will you join me in the fight to end human trafficking?

Image credit: Dick DeMarsico, World Telegram staff photographer

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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