Kierkegaard on Universal Salvation

Kierkegaard on Universal Salvation November 24, 2019

A controversial philosopher and theologian; to say the least – Soren Kierkegaard has always been one of my favorites. I’ve always been inspired by his writings on authenticity and truth as subjectivity, and how misunderstood his perspective is/was. In his writings, it is often apparent how far Kierkegaard was from the traditional Christian dogma of his day. He certainly identified as a Christian, but how he defined Christianity (and any authentic belief for that matter) is very much a signature of his thought.

He often took aim at “Christendom”, criticizing the inauthenticity of the Church and its followers. True Christianity, he claimed, was not the belief, but the being of a Christian in emulating Christ. One of my favorites quotes of his is in the quote bank library (Kierkegaard on Knowledge, Objective Truth and Passion). Another controversial quote of his, one I’ve just recently come across, appears to assert his view on universal salvation. A definite rebel; here’s another one from the father of existentialism:

“If the others are going to hell, then I am going along with them. But I do not believe that; on the contrary, I believe that all will be saved, I, too, and this awakens my deepest wonder.”

Søren Kierkegaard’s Journals and Papers / 1848-1855, Hong, Indiana University Press, 1978.

 Image Credit: Wikimedia

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