Podcast Episode 3: William Jaworski on Hylomorphism and the Big Questions

Podcast Episode 3: William Jaworski on Hylomorphism and the Big Questions December 19, 2019

Episode 3 is here!

This episode features a conversation with William Jaworski.

Dr. William Jaworski is an author, consultant, and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University in New York. His research focuses mainly on consciousness and its relation to the brain, as well as artificial intelligence and its implications for human well-being. He’s authored a number of books on philosophy of mind from the vantage point of Aristotelian metaphysics which made up the bulk of our discussion.

Bill and I got acquainted through my book Meta which I co-wrote with Adam Lee. Bill was nice enough to write the foreword and tee up my and Adam’s dialogue on the big questions.

In this podcast, Bill and I discuss his background and academic interests and some of the big questions like God’s existence, morality, consciousness, free-will, and the nature of abstract objects. Bill nicely laid out the hylomorphic worldview in contrast to materialism and dualism – and how each of these metaphysical worldviews tackles the big questions. I really appreciated his perspectives, specifically with consciousness, which is his major area of research, but also on Aristotelian metaphysics in general and how that worldview tackles the big questions.

So please, enjoy the conversation between yours truly and William Jaworski.

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