What is most sacred to you? A powerful spiritual question

What is most sacred to you? A powerful spiritual question February 11, 2016

what is most sacred

What is most sacred to you?

I had never been asked this question before. I was in a personal development group training session and I knew it was a pivotal moment for me. No one had ever asked me, as a child raised in a non-denominational household and sent to a Christian school ‘so I could make my own choices’ – what is most sacred to me?

I was stuck and unable to answer. My mentor switched to somatic metaphor. We were learning more about how we moved through the world as individuals and also being taught to remember who we really were before we learned not to be that.

So the question became – think of something in nature that moves in a way which makes you believe it is sacred. What is that?

Immediately I was able to search inside and come up with something that always gives me the most beautiful sense of the sacred. Flocks of birds in flight, moving as one but existing as individuals at the same time. They move as a group but communicate and co-ordinate as individuals, in seeming perfect harmony – with a given leader yet every single bird in the flock is so attuned to the present moment that they swing, glide and swoop in a seemingly simultaneous and therefore completely elegant decision making process.

It’s beautiful. Watching birds in flight like that makes my soul sing, my face smile and my body want to run and jump into the sky after them to share in their sacred moments of beingness, togetherness, belonging and complete co-operation, complete surrender.

The movement is hypnotic and the sense of connectedness complete. It is indeed sacred.

What is most sacred to you? This is such a powerful spiritual question.

This question also saved me at one of the toughest moments in my life. My mother was sick and being taken care of in a hospice. It was clear that she and I needed to discuss funeral arrangements and go into depth about exactly what she would like.

She was quite unwell, moving in and out of consciousness sometimes. One day I visited her and she seemed pretty lucid, although she was having trouble speaking clearly.

So this powerful spiritual question made its way into my conscious awareness. My mother seemed incapable of answering when I asked her if she had any desires or wishes for particular funeral arrangements. The general questions I asked didn’t interest her at all or move her out of what seemed to be a light sleep state.

So I took a breath and asked her –

“Mum, what is most sacred to you?”

She immediately answered.

“Trees. Trees are sacred.”

Even in the place where her soul was moving in and out of her body, this question connected with her mind and spirit.

Now I knew what she meant. “So you would like a burial at the Sustainability Center in East Meon?” This was a non-traditional burial site on the South Downs in England, UK, where people can choose to be buried with any type of ceremony they desire. Once interred, after a while trees are planted over and around the graves to add much needed forest cover for that area of the beautiful South Downs.

When my mother was completely well, she would often tell us that she was a Pagan and she worshiped nature and the Sun. East Meon in the Hampshire South Downs was one of the sites she had talked about being buried in the past almost in a joking, self-deprecating way so I hadn’t been entirely sure she was serious.

I had to press my point. “Are you sure Mum?”

She smiled, sighed and bowed her head.

“Yes, I want to be a tree.”

Question collecting as a spiritual and personal growth practice

During the past few years I have become a question collector, partly because I have learned that the way we structure and ask a question of ourselves and others will definitely change the focus and bias of the response, partly because of my spiritual opening to the Akashic Records in recent years.

I know for a fact that within any spiritual practice, there is a tendency for self-inquiry.

Within the Akashic Records work specifically, I have discovered that clients often feel a keen sense of what they want to ask yet will struggle with the language formation of important questions during readings. To help them get the most out of such valuable spiritual inquiry I offer clients a list of power questions and often assist in reformulating their questions so that their Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones can give them the clearest and most comprehensive answers possible.

With this power question, however, it’s not necessary to have an Akashic Records reading. Many of you in any kind of spiritual or religious practice will, I am quite sure, enjoy the internal inquiry and resultant answers of this question, whether it be during meditation, journaling practice or prayer.

So I ask you, with curiosity and love, to consider this question. What is most sacred to you?

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