The Angels Need Us to Focus On LOVE!

The Angels Need Us to Focus On LOVE! November 12, 2016

The following message was delivered through Belinda Womach from the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun:

image by Cathy McClelland

In your world of appearances, current events may seem confusing and unsettling. We remind you that your Earth is a school. While attending this school, you are allowed to fully experience the illusion of fear and the convincing lie that you (and everyone else) is separated from your Creator and from one another. Yes, you may have different beliefs either playing like a radio broadcast in your conscious mind or directing your choices from the subconscious. Ultimately, you are learning that you do come from Oneness and all creatures, great and small, are your sisters and your brothers.

We ask that you focus on LOVE and ask Source to fill every cell of you with respect for God, for humankind and for Schoolroom Earth. What lives within you must manifest without you. Thank you for filling up each day with unconditional love and respect so that you are a flowing fountain of love, acceptance, respect and kindness. This is how you help bring peace into your lives and into your changing world.

The time of purging and healing continues for humanity. Where there is hate, there is a rejection of the self that is being projected outward. Hold up the Violet Fire mirror and look within and find the selves inside that feel alien. Bring them home to your heart and say, “all are welcome.” This is how you can transform racism, inequality and injustice! Fill your vessels with LOVE and COMPASSION and expand these virtues into each cell of your being. Expand this vibration inside and outside for this brings the positive evolution you were born to facilitate into this mundane reality. We are so grateful to you for having the faith that the new world is moving through her birthing pains and we thank you for being the brave midwives and healers that you are.

Love is the greatest healing power. Trust that healing is happening now. The old wounds must be purged for the light of divine love to penetrate and create the transformation needed.

Love IS Eternal,

The 12 Archangels of the Central Sun

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