5 Reasons the Iran Deal is Bad News

5 Reasons the Iran Deal is Bad News September 25, 2015

President Obama’s deal with Iran has been “approved” by Congress. (Although if you ask me, so-called approval through a failure to block the filibuster of a Senate motion to disapprove is not quite a resounding “victory.”) Now it enters a new phase of infamy, and we can only pray its ramifications do not take as many lives as could be lost as a result.

Why am I and other critics so serious about opposing the deal? Let me count the ways…

  1. The deal even got off to a bad start, going around Congress which has the Constitutional right to make a treaty. The President knew he’d never get it approved if he went through the proper route. So he called it a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and pushed it through the UN and International Atomic Energy Agency before telling Congress to approve it, or else the world would go up in flames.
  2. The deal is being carefully protected in secrecy. Greta Van Susteren made an excellent point: Why are honest American citizens not allowed to read the deal, while terrorist-supporting, Christian-persecuting, Jewish-extermination-threatening Iranian leaders know all the details? First the White House said there were no secret side deals. Now we know there are. Even the deal’s supporters don’t know what’s in it. Is anyone else reminded of the infamous Obamacare comment by Nancy Pelosi? “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” And we know how well that turned out.
  3. It has no teeth. What we do know of the deal, and what we can deduce from statements in its defense, is that there is scant accountability to keep Iran from violating the agreement and going after nuclear weapons anyway. It essentially gives Iran all the benefits in exchange for “nothing except promises to do better in the future.” It’s nice to hope that Iran will do better in the future, but as Sen. Robert Menendez said, hope is not a national security strategy. Nor does the deal give any “reliable way to verify that Iran will halt its nuclear ambitions.” Inspectors have to give an outrageous 24 days’ notice before looking into any facility they suspect of nuclear activity. Do you know how much evidence you can erase in 24 days? Just ask the IRS or Hillary Clinton.
  4. Negotiators on either side are not trustworthy. Iran has “a clear history of cheating on international arms inspections.” Though a leader in a free nation, President Obama is not known for telling the truth to the American public. In this situation, he’s not even telling – all he says is “just trust me.”
  5. It’s a deal made with our avowed enemies of the United States and the free world. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei regularly chants “death to America” in his speeches. Iran is known to be the leading country in sponsoring terrorists, and they are actually making money on this deal. Iran also has ties to North Korea, not an ally of freedom by a long stretch. And there are currently American citizens being held in Iranian jails unlawfully. The country that has the most to lose if Iran goes nuclear — Israel — begged us not to let the deal go through. The Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia also thought it was a bad deal — and those are two countries that never agree.

While President Obama celebrates his “victory,” many in our country and around the world scratch our heads. The future just got a little more scary.

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