No, I’m NOT ashamed to be black – a note about race shaming and not being “black enough”

No, I’m NOT ashamed to be black – a note about race shaming and not being “black enough” February 2, 2016

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If you look at my Twitter feed for half a second, you’ll see things like this.

Why do you hate the skin you’re in?

You’re a whore dealing with self-hatred.


Let’s trade Stacey Dash for Rachel Dolezal.

I don’t hate Twitter — I love it.  And I love hearing from all of you…  well, most of you…  because it’s important to talk about these issues of race.

But I want to set this straight.

I’m not ashamed that I’m black.

I’m half Black and half Mexican.

I don’t hate my skin.

What I hate is the stereotypes that so-called “black entertainment” has created.  I hate they say that I am not “black enough” once I open my mouth.  I hate that liberals make the rules — white liberals are the most racist people I’ve ever met.  They demand that black people act a certain way, vote a certain way, and think a certain way.

“You aren’t black enough,” I’ve been told by producers.

Why would a white man say that me, a black woman?  Because they have a stereotypical view of black people that they want to portray to the world.  I don’t fit the mold.

Blacks go along with it without even realizing they’re short changing themselves.

Wake up.

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