Hollywood wants strict gun control for you, but not its movies

Hollywood wants strict gun control for you, but not its movies June 23, 2016

It gets tiresome hearing the demands of Hollywood celebrities calling for strict gun control laws immediately after a mass shooting, especially when guns are so prominently featured in most of the films they star in.

As news of the horrific Orlando nightclub massacre was breaking, actresses like Julianne Moor and Olivia Wilde quickly turned social media into a platform to call for more gun laws. But as Breitbart notes, Hollywood conveniently forgets its responsibility in glamorizing guns. Actors have done with guns today what they did with cigarettes long ago: made them look so cool that everybody wants one.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be as cool as Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character, holding his helpless enemies at gun point and telling them, “Go ahead, make my day?”

The same producers making movie, after movie, after movie with guns as a major feature in the films are the same producers that scream “gun control” for you and me at every opportunity. Those big-budget actors who want American citizens to have less access to firearms for personal protection, play characters that protect themselves from intruders, gun firmly in hand.

Hollywood’s hypocrisy is in full display and the proof is in the posters.

AL.com shared “25 movie posters from 2016 that sell us with guns.” Here are just a few. Notice the household names represented and try NOT to notice all the guns:

RideAlong2 NiceGuys JaneGun CentralIntelligence JasonBourne Keanu-1

Gun owners will spend millions this year seeing these movies, and Hollywood will “thank” them by calling for an end to their audience’s Second Amendment rights.

It’s shameful.

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