Lil Wayne drops jaws by saying he’s NEVER experienced racism

Lil Wayne drops jaws by saying he’s NEVER experienced racism September 14, 2016

Rapper Lil Wayne shocked the hosts of Undisputed when he discussed never experiencing racism in his entire 33 years of life in America. His story went completely against the Black Lives Matter narrative of systemic racism and baffled hosts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe.

Being a sports show, Wayne was asked to weigh in on the NFL protests of the national anthem by Colin Kaepernick and others. The rapper said he hasn’t been paying much attention to it in the same way he didn’t get swept up in the Black Lives Matter phenomenon like so many have. Wayne added that his four kid are his priority — his world — and that leaves little time for protests or movements.

But on matters of race relations in America, Wayne said one of the most amazing things when asked to comment on the subject that dropped every jaw in the room:

“Skip, they wouldn’t want to ask me that. They wouldn’t want my answer to represent it, because God knows, I have been nothing but blessed. My whole path; these 33 years have been nothing but a blessing. I have never — and never is a strong word — never dealt with racism.”

And that wasn’t all. Wayne was asked to comment on the many white kids who love rap and attend his shows. Bayless asked, “What does that say to you?” Wayne responded:

“I don’t want to be bashed because I don’t want to sound like I’m on the wrong — if there is a side — but I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism.”

Sharpe, an ex-NFL star, and a black man was the most taken aback by Wayne’s comments. Sharpe said there was plenty of racism where he grew up in Georgia and assumed the same thing happened to Wayne who is from New Orleans. However, Sharpe said one can only speak from their own experiences.

“If you don’t believe [racism] is alive and well, check my timeline,” Sharpe said. “Racism is real; he knows it’s real although he hasn’t experienced it.”

As shocked as he was, Sharpe did well by giving kudos to Wayne for his positive experiences and complimented him for resisting the temptation to embellish a story that never happened. It’s an incredibly hopeful segment.

Watch it by clicking CONTINUE and hear how Lil Wayne credits a white police officer for saving his life:

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