#BlackRiflesMatter sign offends all the right people

#BlackRiflesMatter sign offends all the right people September 14, 2016

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The Left likes to tell us that controversial things like NFL players sitting out the national anthem is something necessary because it “continues the conversation” on racism. But the second a person does something controversial that happens to be pro-gun, it’s unnecessary and morally wrong. Because consistency and honesty.

Meet licensed firearms dealer Linc Sample. A man with a cool name and an even cooler sign in his front yard in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. With one phrase, Linc has upset progressives in his town. It reads:

Black Rifles Matter

YES we have ‘em

NO you can’t take ‘em

For added effect, Linc painted a big, scary looking machine gun on it. But don’t worry, it’s semi-automatic… and made of spray paint. (It can’t hurt anyone, just like a real gun in responsible hands.)

But here’s why I love it: It’s a one-two, First and Second Amendment, punch to the gut of liberalism. And the sting has gotten under the skin of some locals. They’re worried that the sign is scaring off tourists. But Linc’s not buying it:

“There have been some people that have asked me to take the sign down and I don’t respond to that very well. It’s my property, it’s my sign. There’s been some talk that I have hurt tourism. I don’t believe that for a minute.”

Click CONTINUE to see Linc defend his wonderful sign:

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