Toy Story writer Joss Whedon would love to see “a rhino f— Paul Ryan to death”

Toy Story writer Joss Whedon would love to see “a rhino f— Paul Ryan to death” January 19, 2017

Liberals keep saying that Donald Trump brought out the worst in people and they’re right — the Left has been saying some truly awful things.

But it doesn’t get any more depraved than Toy Story and The Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon who said he’d get a huge laugh out of a large mammalian creature raping House Speaker Paul Ryan with its horn until the Republican is dead:

And all because Whedon disagrees with Ryan’s politics! He didn’t offer a counter argument, a better idea, or a hopeful wish that Republicans and Democrats could work together in the next administration. No, he went full sexual sadist.

Whedon’s gradual mental breakdown began in 2012 when he made a PSA warning against the election of Mitt Romney because he believed it would set off the zombie apocalypse. But as unhinged as that seemed at the time pales in comparison to this new low.

In 2016, he put his Avengers cast to work in another PSA to “get out the vote” for Hillary Clinton. It had all the elements you’d expect: “a sh*t ton of famous people,” plenty of fear mongering, and good old fashioned leftist guilt that all of us “ignorant” people would vote for the wrong person. They were so desperate that they promised Mark Ruffalo would do a full-frontal nude scene in his next movie if we only voted for Hillary. Whedon is a real American treasure, huh?

Even his progressive pals aren’t immune to his attacks. When Nicole Kidman veered slightly off the liberal plantation and dared to encourage everyone to accept Trump’s election, move on, and wish him the best, he mocked her on Twitter as a “puppet for Trump:”

Americans love their entertainment, but I hope the veil has been lifted far enough to finally expose these Hollywood megalomaniacs for who they really are and that consumers will spend their hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

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