Putin’s Evil War: How It’s Inspiring People from around the World to do Good

Putin’s Evil War: How It’s Inspiring People from around the World to do Good March 1, 2022

The invasion of Ukraine by Putin is THE most horrific displays of evil I’ve ever witnessed.

For humanists, (or anyone with an ounce of empathy), watching footage of the fighting is extremely heart wrenching, because there is so little we can do about it.

Just his morning, MSNBC is reporting about the 40 mile long convoy of Russian units advancing on the city of Kyiv.

Putin’s tactics are reminiscent of the horrors committed by the madman of WW2: Hitler, who unleashed his depravity long before my days on earth, but still remains fresh in our world history . . .

When the metallic inventions of warfare also bulldozed their way through bogs and city streets; and fighter jets like winged Pterodactyls zigzagged through the sky dropping bombs, and quivers of missiles were hurled in the dead of night to the innocent and the unsuspecting.

Fire from the sky

Despite this being Putin’s evil war, what we are also witnessing is the greatest example of the power of humanity to do good the world has ever seen. / Image by Rozbooy from Pixabay

It is one of the most horrific ways to die.

Putin’s malevolence should not be misconstrued, however, as evil in the religious sense. Such as the kind of evil used to excuse the actions of a dictator as though he were being controlled by the whims of an imaginary being called Satan.

Or as some Christians might whisper under their breaths (as though it were a belief they themselves were hard-pressed to believe) that Putin’s actions are instead being controlled by the whims of God.

No. Putin’s actions are exemplary of the kind of brutality that lies deep within the potential of our species to commit.

Which is why only we can stop him. Humans that is. Thoughts and prayers will not suffice. Only the actions of good and decent people can stop Putin and his war long before it becomes WW3 or launches humanity into the nuclear age.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Attributed to Edmund Burke.

Which is precisely what the world is doing

Whether through economic sanctions; to mass anti-war protests gathering around the world; to the influx of humanitarian aid feeding and housing migrating Ukrainians; to the weapons being sent by NATO partners to assist Ukraine in defending their homeland . . .

Despite this being Putin’s evil war, what we are witnessing is also the greatest example of the inherent goodness of humanity the world has ever seen.


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