Take The Witch Census At ‘Witch With Me’

Take The Witch Census At ‘Witch With Me’ July 10, 2020

The creative minds at Witch With Me developed a comprehensive and completely anonymous Witch Census for anyone who identifies as a witch.  Please spread the word–it’s only up for a limited time.

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Several huge publications have detailed how the witchcraft movement is growing, including the New York Times, The Atlantic, Publishers Weekly, Newsweek, and many more.

Sadly, the numbers of witches in their articles are all projections or estimations.  With all this buzz but no actual numbers, it’s more important than ever to get a reading on some actual numbers.

A witch census is a great way to collect more information about our witchy movement.  This census is totally anonymous–voluntary information like name and email address are optional.  Unlike some websites, this census doesn’t collect personally identifiable information like IP address or the other websites you’ve visited recently.

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Take the Witch Census at Witch With Me Today

It’s important to get better information about our movement because it seems like the information we actually do have is really old.  Additionally, much of it doesn’t seem to focus on witchcraft specifically–many censuses were about counting Pagans, they or used Wicca to get an estimate on the number of witches.

This is problematic.  Although the vast majority of witchcraft technically fits into Paganism because it’s non-Abrahamic, many witches don’t associate withpaganism for various reasons.  Some witches are atheist, and others don’t like the Pagan label.  Additionally, Wiccans only represent a fraction of the kinds of witches out there.  It’s a big fraction, but still a fraction, nonetheless.

I’m hoping this census can capture the recent rise of Traditional Witchcraft and other witchcraft movements.  I’m betting it will also count more of the solitaries, eclectic, and closeted witches who may not have been counted before due to the nature of their practice and the lack of being “out.”

The information in this census could be used to understand our community better.  Witch With Me did a great job–they provided abundant options for answers, including some where you can write in your own response.  I feel confident that the information gathered will reveal a lot about who we are and what our movement looks like in this modern era.

The Witch Census is only available for a limited time, though–it ends August 1st.  Please share this information as widely as possible so more representative numbers can be gathered.

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Edit: I removed the phrase “some Wiccans don’t identify as witches”  because the vast majority of Wiccans likely do identify as witches based on the fact that the founder of Wicca, Gerald Gardner, identified as a witch.

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