SSF: “Death Buy Lemonade”

SSF: “Death Buy Lemonade” March 17, 2014

I love today’s short for two reasons. (At least.)

First, it’s Monday, so the mood on display here is a pretty accurate reflection of how I usually feel this early in the work week. Even down to the “I might be cute, but you’d better not get in my way right now” bit. Except I’m not cute. Just don’t get in my way. (And yes, that includes the denouement, which made me smile. So…yeah. Really don’t get in my way.)

And second, there’s a blog about the short’s creation, which includes all kinds of fun FAQ’s, storyboards, and pre-production sketches. I love those sorts of “behind the curtain” details, especially when it comes to animation. (The way the particular characters evolve over the course of the creative process is particularly fascinating to me. And I love all the little details.)

When I first found it, I was particular excited because I thought it was from a Sheridan College (WY) grad, and I had NO IDEA they have an animation department in my state! …which they don’t. Not really. The Sheridan College in question is the Canadian version. Which isn’t as much fun for me personally, but also isn’t a big surprise. Animation’s big in Canada.

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