A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 2

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 2 February 19, 2015

Ansicht von Luzern - Aquarell Mendelsohn 1847.jpgToday’s entry is the fourth of the six 8-part motets from Felix Mendelssohn’s Opus 79.

Its title says “At Passiontide,” so it might not be quite right for Early Lent.  But it also says “Hallelujah!” So I’m getting it out of the way early on, before our ears become unaccustomed to the sound of that phrase.

The piece itself is quite brief, and not something I would identify as Mendelssohnian. But the yearning is palpable, the “stumbling into the light” moment around the 1:10 mark — “for the sake of your glorious name” — took my breath away, and the “H” word seems just enough of an afterthought for me to feel adequately Lenten.

Herr, gedenke nicht unsrer Übelthaten,
und erbarme dich unseres Elends.
Herr, der du unser Heiland bist, stehe uns bei,
erlöse uns und vergieb uns unsere Sünden um der
Herrlichkeit deines Names willen.

Lord, remember not our wrongdoings,
and have mercy on us in our affliction.
Lord, who are our saviour, help us, redeem us and
pardon our sins, for the sake of your glorious name.

Attribution(s):Ansicht von Luzern” by Felix Mendelssohn himself and licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons; “The Bells,” from Shutterstock.

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