Do Christians Live in Tiny Houses? Why/not?

Do Christians Live in Tiny Houses? Why/not? September 29, 2015

I stumbled across a tweet from an old friend last week:

I’ve never considered living in a tiny house–my 1200-square-foot townhouse feels tiny enough–but I love reading about people who do. Tiny houses are fun to look at; just seeing a photo of a tiny home gets me excited at the adorable possibilities. And it’s impressive to me that some folks are willing to downsize to two chairs and a mattress.

An extremely tiny home framed by trees and overshadowed by dark clouds in a dark green field
Tiny house in a windstorm, c/o Tammy Strobel

Chris Terramane (aka @savvychristine) is not a Christian, but her quest got me thinking…how many Christians live in tiny homes?

Tiny homes seem like a natural fit for people seeking to “leave all” and follow Jesus. A quick search revealed at least one or two Christian bloggers who are interested in tiny homes–but their posts are out of date. I’m on the hunt: do you know of any Christians who live in tiny homes? Or who have downsized in other ways? Please comment here or tweet me @likesoatmeal!

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