Announcing a New Podcast

Announcing a New Podcast January 4, 2021

Dear friends, this post is a little different, because today I am delighted to announce that I have launched a podcast!

The Pilgrim Soul is a Catholic podcast about the journey of faith in the modern world. I am co-hosting it with a dear friend of mine, Adrianna, and my sister, Giuliana. Inspired by the example of Father Luigi Giussani, we want to share conversations that help us and our listeners “face reality wide open, loyally, and with the bright eyes of a child.”

I have loved listening to podcasts for years now. In my experience, podcasts not only offer an effective and efficient form of learning, but the possibility of spiritual accompaniment across thousands of miles. My hope for this podcast is this: that it will give rise to meaningful dialogue and genuine companionship, so that that we might discover one another as fellow pilgrims on a shared journey towards our loving God.

We’ve been working on this project for months now, and I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with you. A couple episodes are already available, and you can listen and subscribe through TuneIn, Spotify, StitcherApple Podcasts, SoundCloud, or just about anywhere else you can find podcasts.

Listen on Apple Podcasts

If you enjoy the podcast, please do share it with friends and family members. And the three of us are eager to hear from our listeners, so if you have comments, questions, or recommendations you can email us at You can also follow the podcast on Instagram. Or, as always, you can contact me directly at

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for the lovely messages that I regularly receive from you. Know of my prayers for you as we begin the new calendar year!

In Christ,


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